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Franklin taxpayers, the Franklin School District isn't done screwing you yet


Fellow Franklin property taxpayers, if you’re like me and the Franklin School District accounted for a whopping 41% of your whopping total property tax bill, here’s food for thought as you prepare to pay those whopping property taxes (remember, the people in Franklin with taxing power submit to us lemmings that Franklin is NOT a tax hell).

The Franklin School administration and majority of the members on the Franklin School Board have absolutely no shame when it comes to taxing and spending.


High unemployment?

People receiving unemployment checks for well over a year?

Record number of people on food stamps?

Doesn’t matter to the Jesse James Gang running our schools. When it comes to taxing and spending, their chutzpah has no ends.

Let’s examine how they without blushing have screwed the taxpaying public.

1) They passed a school budget with property tax levy increase beyond the rate of inflation.

2) They hornswoggled the public into approving two of three needless school referenda with a mantra we’ve heard before. It’s for the children who would suffer tremendously if we voted NO.


OK. Taxpayers have bent over and taken it, AGAIN. Sensing yet another kill, does anyone honestly think the greedy school administration would stop now? Of course they’re out for more blood because they understand how naive the Franklin taxpaying public really is, and the number of pawns they’ve got on the school board.

Will they roll over?


Given that scenario, why wouldn't the Jesse James Gang go for the kill while taxpayers foolishly think they couldn’t possibly be taken to the cleaners one more time. Periodically (and more often than they should) the Franklin school administration submits a proposal to the Franklin School Board for administrative pay raises.

Did I neglect to mention recession and unemployment and foreclosures and a school tax levy increase?

According to the latest data from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, here are the salaries and benefits of the current Franklin School District administrators. The salaries are mentioned first followed by their benefits.

FranklinSchool Superintendent Steve Patz:
$161,558 / $61,747

James Milzer, Franklin Public Schools:
$137,065.00 / $53,860

Michael Cady,
Franklin Public High School:
$115,634 / $49,420

Christine Cody, Southwood Glen Elementary
$95,000 / $36,221

Jamie Foeckler, Pleasant View Elementary

$96,835 / $42,796

Chad Nelson, Pleasant View Elementary

$87,248 / $40,686

Karen Noel, Country Dale Elementary

$95,000 / $15,355

Mary Siewert, Ben Franklin Elementary

$98,750 / $30,379

Theresa West,
Forest Park Middle
$100,254/ $30,516

John Budish, Franklin High

$84,000 / $18,955

Nicholas Kohn, Franklin High

$80,250 / $33,839

Christopher Reuter,
Forest Park Middle

$76,308 / $33,254


Judith Mueller, Central Office
$124,777 / $30,957

Michael Zellmer, Central Office
$96,260 / $9,196


Gerald Tischer, Central Office

$93,217 / $43,198

Do I begrudge any of these individuals their salaries and benfits? Of course not.

Do I think they’re grossly overpaid? HELL YES!

Do I think they deserve a salary/benefit package increase? NO WAY!

Yet, I predict they will have the gumption to march to the Franklin School Board and demand a salary/ benefits increase. It could range from 1-5%

They know only two votes are sure NO votes. Three are bend over backwards yes votes. And two are left from the unpredictable wussy Tim Nielson and Linda Witkowski. They pretend to be taxpayer-friendly but can’t be depended upon when it counts.

You thought the screwing was over? Franklin taxpayers, prepare to bend over and take it again.

NOTE: The Pewaukee School District named Mike Cady, the principal at Franklin High School, to be its new chief academic officer on July 1, 2012. Again, the figures I’ve posted are the latest according to the state DPI.

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