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Culinary yes yes #7

I know, it’s a sacrilege.  Born and raised in Wisconsin and I really don’t care for brandy at all.  I have never in my life ordered an Old Fashioned.  A Manhattan tastes like kerosene to me.  A shot and a beer?  Not on your life.

There are exceptions of course.  An Alexander at this South Side Institution:



As an ingredient in this tummy-warmer:



Or how ‘bout this retro libation:



That would be a Sidecar Cocktail.  (A future Culinary yes-yes to come about this gem!)


But I make up for it with my love of another WI classic:



Oh, did I mention I do have an affinity for this?



Yeah, that would be Remy Martin Louis XIII.  Oh I don’t mean to imply that I imbibe an elixir that averages $2,200 a bottle.  (This particular photo references a one-of-a-kind decanter that was for sale for a cool $70,000.)  I’m perfectly content with “plain old” Remy Martin VSOP which averages $35 to $50 a bottle.

I’m not knocking Korbel, really.  It’s just that if I’m going to have brandy then I’m going to have cognac… that lovely amber liquid swirled lovingly in a snifter.

So let’s get back to the aforementioned dairy product extraordinaire, CHEESE.  We’re famous for it.  Wisconsinites dream in tones of yellow and white.  It’s part of our genetic code, right along with bratwurst and a love of the Packers.  When you’re in the mood for something other than a 3.5 inch square of what we fondly call “American” check out the Sartori family.  Founded in 1939, the S&R Cheese Corp. began a legacy of fine cheese-making.

Now, how ‘bout we combine those two amazing items?  Why don’t we take a wheel of award-winning cheese and give it a bath in award-winning cognac?  As Emeril used to say, “Oh, yeah, Babe!”

The other day as I was perusing the dairy bunker in my favorite Franklin Sendik’s, a sign caught my eye:  “Cognac Cheese, limited edition…”  Naturally I had to check it out and realized it was a match made in heaven.  Or at least a match made in Plymouth, Wisconsin.  Dedicated to their founder, the cheese-loving Sartoris thought that their BellaVitano was a perfect partner for Remy Martin.

I don’t disagree.  I’m thinking that some of their fine fromage just might grace our cheese plates this Christmas.

Fine cognac and artisanal Wisconsin cheese in the same sentence?  No doubt for me, a Culinary Yes-Yes!

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