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Culinary no-no #307

Culinary no-no's



The best one I ever had was here…


It happened inside…

Since this is a culinary blog, I'm talking...


The one at Bellagio has to be good.

People love buffets.  First, there’s the sheer volume. Station after station, table after table, food as far as the eye can see. And then there’s the variety. You mean I can have prime rib, turkey, crab legs, smoked salmon, duck, all kinds of salads, soup, numerous desserts, etc, etc, etc? There's a sense that there's great value, especially if one cleans several plates.

Yes, we know it's inviting extra pounds if you over-indulge, and your impulses tell you that you must if you want to devour your money’s worth. And there's the possibility of getting sick, and making choices from food being left out too long. That's why it's imperative to hit a top notch buffet.

For my money, closer to home, I choose this buffet.

A long time ago the all-you-can- eat buffet took major leaps. Yes, the price went up, but so did the quality. All kinds of food items were now being prepared by top shelf chefs.

At the Bellagio Buffet, breakfast costs $17.99, lunch is $20.99, and dinner is $31.99. At Bartolotta’s in Whitnall Park, the price is $21.99. Those prices certainly seem reasonable.

If you’re like me, you frequent buffets only occasionally, primarily for special times. That would include the holidays. And I’d surely pay anywhere from $17.99 to $31.99 for a sumptuous spread.

When I hit a buffet, I think nothing of calories and the potential damage to my waistline. I’m there to graze and enjoy. But if you want a strategy for your holiday all-you-can-eat affair, read this.

Staying home for Christmas dinner, going out, having folks over, or maybe you're catering? All are wonderful options as opposed to that brunch. Except if you opt for completely over the top.

One chef is preparing the world's most expensive Christmas dinner. You decide if it's worth it, or even delicious. Not even if I won the lottery.
Here are the details.


In New York, you can't buy a large soda, but you can buy mislabeled seafood.

What's in your Moby Dick?

Weird sex and cheese.


Please read my wife Jennifer’s blog, Culinary yes yes #7.  

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