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The Twelve Cookies of Christmas: Raspberry Linzer Thumbprints

12 Cookies of Christmas 2012

Raspberry Linzer Thumbprints – New for 2012


I have a huge file of “someday I want to try” items.  It’s kind of like a Baking Bucket List.  Most of the things I want to make seem intimidating for some reason:  a technique, an exotic ingredient or a needed gadget that I don’t have.  For many years I’ve wanted to make a linzertorte although I have to admit I don’t recall ever EATING a piece.  It beckons to me because of its beautiful lattice crust, delicious filling and mostly because of its centuries-old history.


Fancy crusts (like lattice) aren’t my thing.  Admittedly even simple crusts aren’t my thing which is why this remains in the “want to make” column with no check mark beside it.  So until I work up enough nerve to try the real deal, I’m making these cookies for Christmas this year.  (OK, OK, I’ve had THIS recipe for years too and am just getting around to them now.)  Baby steps, right?


For your enjoyment the following beverage pairings have been selected:



Raspberry Butter Crunch or Hazelnut Crème  






Hazelnut Latte



Hazelnut Syrup by Monin 

Raspberry Syrup by Monin 

Hazelnut Syrup by Torani 

Raspberry Syrup by Torani   



What else?  A LIQUID Linzertorte!   


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