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How Do We Win Again?

How Do We Win Again?
By guest bloggers
Bob and Jean Dohnal, Publishers/Editors

Wisconsin Conservative Digest

This date is prophetic, the attack on Pearl Harbor, rallied the US against the Axis powers and saved the world from the tyranny.  We have this same problem in the US.  We lost a battle, the election, but now must go out and win the continuing war.

Special Note to all of those Weenies and Wimps who want to give up.  One battle does not constitute a war and it will go on.  "When the going gets tough, tough men get going".

For those of us that have been in this battle for half a century, we know that just because you get knocked down once in a while, that if your message is on, clear and we work hard, we can prevail.  If that were not true, we would all be wearing hammer and sickle flags these days.  Thanks to patriots like Harry Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon, Kennedy, Reagan and others we defeated the Commies.   Look at Reagan, ran for president twice before winning. He destroyed the Soviet block, as Thatcher said:  "Reagan defeated the Soviets without firing a shot".

So, those of you that want to quit, get off your rears, pick up the pieces, reassemble them, kick the leaders that lost, either out or in the butt, and put a new team together.  We must put Pat Roggensack back into the Supreme Court and keep Scott Walker in the governor’s seat.  It will not be easy.

Where do we start?  First, examine the GOTV for the last election.  While it was better than we have had for decades, it did not match the opposition.  We put the hands of the world into ORCA, a secret electronic system for GOTV and it failed.  Bad Idea.  "Keep it Simple Stupid".  I heard that first in the training meetings to defeat George McGovern for president in 1972.  Somebody proposed a complicated program for GOTV and the campaign chair, John MacIver, very simply said, "Keep it simple".  And it is simple.  Organizing a precinct means getting responsible people that understand the problems, train them and put them in charge of one area.  Furnish them with the data they need on who are our votes, who we might work on and who are the enemy.  You go to work on the voters in your precinct by going door to door to meet them, put up yard signs, ask them to go around the block, talk to their neighbors and hand out literature and then ask them to help GOTV.  Doesn't take a genius, it takes hard work.

David Axelrod, according to Steven Welcenbach of Reality News, told his minions in Chicago that it was their job to make sure that every Democrat in their ward voted on Election Day.  That works.

There is no doubt that we lost this election because they did a better job of GOTV. Real Clear politics asks:  "Where were the 7 million white votes that were missing?" We can argue forever about Romney's candidacy and how much Tommy added to the ticket, but the fact is that we left our horses in the barn, eating oats.

The worthless GAB stated that we got 70% of the vote out, but that is deceiving. It was actually less.  They take the number of registered voters and compare that to the numbers of people that voted, including the on site registrations.  That is inaccurate.  In order to get an accurate number, we had 120% or so in my precinct, you need to add the number of on site registrants to the number that voted and then compare.  When we do that, we drop down to 60% or so.  That 40% was our voters, sitting in their easy chairs while Obama romped to victory.

Did they stay home because they did not like the candidates, as they did in 2006 and 2008, or did we fail to motivate them????  Whatever the answer, that is why we lost.

Issue Problems:

Our conservatives fail to realize sometimes that there are really important issues and there are marginal issues.  We get hung up on some marginal issues and let the elephant issues run right over us.

The real issues are:  War, Economy, Jobs, Deficits, Debt, SS, Medicaid, Medicare and size of government.  Why then do we get hung up on some minor things like immigration?  Our society is barely reproducing at a replacement rate in this country at present.  We need some hard working, dedicated people to help, get college degrees and become dedicated citizens.  Those people are on our doorstep, just south.  They want to come up here to work and raise families.  Let us find an answer.

This issue is easy to solve.  Rick Perry, down in Texas, has worked closely with these people, working to get the kids that came here, brought by their parents, into college and become producing citizens.  What state would not like to have 30,000 or so college educated Spanish people?  Immigration is not even their key issue, so why did we not go into the Latino sections and work for their vote.  Voces de la Frontera, a Spanish group made 25,000 door to door contacts in Milwaukee Latino area.  How many did we make??

We have a good message to take to them and have them join us.  Not some figureheads, head of some committee, but forming a hard working group that makes a pitch for families, homes, economy, jobs, small businesses.  We can get them on our side. We have to, if we ever want to win.

When Scott Walker ran for County Exec, he went into the Inner City and asked for their votes.  He got lots of them.  We must do the same.

Several years ago, when I was Milwaukee City GOP chair, Ken Clasen, 4th dist chair and I proposed a program to put together just such an effort in the Latino area.  The state Chair laughed at us.  The ideas are still there, we must utilize them.

Youth vote.  We have the best message of all for our youth: jobs, family and a robust economy.  Reagan won that vote.  Where is our effort in that area?  We can get in there and make an impression.  We must do it for many reasons.  We cannot just run ads and hope that these kids will watch them.  We need to talk to them.  We know where they are, let's go get them.

Young Women:  this was the biggest disaster of the election, losing all of those votes.  They want the same thing that we all do, jobs, families, economy.  Why did we let it get hung up on birth control?  Our idiotic talk show people, on this issue, demagogued this to death.  

As a pharmacist, I have watched women fight to get their companies to add birth control pills to their companies list of allowed drugs.  This has gone on for 50 years.  Why was anyone surprised that Sandra Fluke wanted the school to do that?  Yes, some birth control programs do cost over $100 per month, a dozen or so.  Many of the old BC pills had lots of side effects, unacceptable to young women. We made her a heroine to that group by calling her all kinds of names and deriding her.  A few little notes on the radio or TV would have sufficed.  She helped them mightily to sew up that vote and win.

My Dad used to say that it helps to think a little bit before you open your mouth.  We didn’t and they won.

The Libs have looked at these groups as vulnerable to their messages, even if they never deliver anything.  They were right.  We ignored these groups, expecting that they would just love our stupid TV ads and run out and vote for them.  They didn't and we lost.

GOTV Efforts in Future:

People running the Walker campaign need to get ready now for that effort.  This gubernatorial race will be the top race, in the country in 2014 and they will throw everything at us.  People will be looking at Scott's record, it will come down to a lot of things but also the national mood at that time.  

We cannot lose because we do not get all of our votes out.

How do we do that?  First look at the counties in which we lost that we have won before? Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Brown, Winnebago.  In those counties and almost every major GOP county, we need a Victory center.  We must work with the local candidates to accomplish that. Then we must set up separate groups, from the party in those areas under the leadership of the campaign, working with the party to lay out a door to door effort to maximize the vote.  Organize every precinct that is 35% or more GOP. All of them if possible.

Get candidates in every possible race for Assembly, Senate and the courthouses and get them working together.  That can happen.  The more manpower the better.

Energize the Tea Party and other Conservative groups.  These are our people. I work with them daily and they want to win.  We no longer can do the same things over and over and expect different results.

Money put into winless worthless ads should be canned in the GOTV.  Ads can do only so much. Energy put into phone calls, that produce little, needs to be put into direct voter contacts.

All around this state we had thousands of paid Union operatives, from all over the country, at every event with their little clip boards signing people up and then getting them out to vote.

For over a year I have warned everyone, in these columns, about this incredible effort, that the Libs were fielding, but the powers that be, in Mad city, still do the same old thing.

This Ruling class, in Mad city, consisting of political operatives, lobbyists, donors, layers and miscellaneous hacks cannot be allowed to own this state.  We lost and they still walk with pockets of money, the commissions off of these endless ads.
If there is anyone that got a real kick in the butt this time, I hope anyway, is the Karl Roves of this world.  Not only did their ineffective presidency cost us the White House but their 300 million dollars in ads, sucked up money that the candidates can use and put it into worthless ads that did more to turn out their base than ours.  I actually liked to hear Tammy Baldwin say: "Damn right we're making a difference", it showed she has some cajones.

Tommy worked harder than any man I have ever seen run for office. I have worked with all of them, but his message never got through the clatter.

I believe that Tommy, a very positive person and problem solver, would have been far better off putting together a good message. A positive one and then sticking to it through the campaign.

All of us have to stay in and fight.  The grass roots Conservatives, Tea Party leaders and others need to work with our local officials, assemblymen, and senators etc to make changes.  If you know local GOP leaders, challenge them.  Lots of them worked very hard, but we must work hard and smart to win.

The future belongs to the hardiest in this game.  "Politics is a game for adults; all other games are for children".

I love the story of the elderly lady with cancer that sent her son to get an absentee ballot because she did not think that she would live till Election Day.  She was scared that the country, she grew up in, was going over a cliff and she wanted to get her vote in, no matter what.  That is what we need to offset the dedication to filling their pockets with our money that the other side has. 

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