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The Twelve Cookies of Christmas: Buttery Almond Pistachio Thins

12 Cookies of Christmas 2012

Buttery Almond Pistachio Thins



The only time I truly enjoy baking cookies is at Christmas.  The other 11 months of the year I am perfectly content to bake everything BUT a cookie.  Call it nostalgia, or call it complete lunacy but I would bake every day in December if time allowed.  Yes, there are that many cookie recipes that I love.


I made these for the first time last year, and they got rave reviews from family & friends.  While I generally prefer a chewy cookie to a crisp one these Buttery Almond Pistachio Thins are delightful.  As mentioned in my previous blogs they freeze well without the topping (drizzle of white chocolate and chopped pistachios) which can be added once thawed, just before serving.


You’ll notice that the beverage pairings are the same ones I suggest for Mexican Wedding Cakes.  It’s not easy to find an almond-pistachio flavor anything.  So pick your favorite, or play around with a combination of syrups and coffees.  Something tells me that no matter what your choice it will be a winner!





Caramel Pecan Scone 



Vanilla Nut Crème tea   






Almond syrup by Monin or Almond syrup by Torani  



A very simple martini with my favorite brand of amaretto.  



A perfectly balanced blend of DISARONNO and Sweet & Sour delivers taste buds to the dark side.

  • 2 parts DISARONNO
  • Splash Sweet & Sour mix


Shake with ice and strain into martini a cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange peel.


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