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No matter how much the lefties hate you, God bless you, WI hunters!

I love the Wisconsin deer hunting season. It’s a wonderful annual rite of passage.

Besides, it drives the lefties nuts.

The gun control crowd can only manage a stunned silent face when confronted with the fact that hundreds of thousands of rifle-totin’ guys and gals  all gathered in a  concentrated area during a short period of time DO NOT create mass carnage.

Anti-hunters mouth off during the sanctioned annual hunt. The guilty white liberals suddenly go silent when a tribe wants to violate the law and dangerously hunt deer at night. Oh, we can’t possibly criticize the Indians. No way, no how.

But a white hunter? He’s open season, especially if he’s a white conservative Republican like Paul Ryan who...


took his 10-year old daughter hunter and in the process she...


shot a deer!

Oh my goodness, it’s the end of the world as we know it.

The Washington Post blogged about this family get-together and the online comments were worse than losing the Chicago Bears three times in the same season.They're in the blue, combatted by those in the red.

I like to get my meat the way God intended - from the supermarket.

This is so horrible! How can he be proud? A little girl, killing an innocent deer? I am so so very glad that Romney and Ryan didn't get elected! 

When i was 10 yrs old I played with dolls and was even afraid of cap guns. 

I'd be impressed if the deer had guns... make it an even fight.  

Why suppress their chances of living another day?

Unless Paul Ryan is planning on using the meat from these deer to fill his freezer because it will be their main source of protein for the season unlikely), I don't think he should be hunting. What a terrible lesson for his daughter, a waste of a beautiful creature.

hunting is a despicable atrocity and it's destroying entire ecosystems. The MAJORITY of hunters hunt because they derive sick pleasure in murdering animals. Hunting is nothing but legalized animal cruelty.

Of course, not everyone that commented was a moonbat.

Awesome! Yes, you haters, most of the deer are processed into venison and given to local food pantries all across the state. Even the out-of-state and out-of-country hunters turn it into the local deer processing centers. They keep the rack if it is a buck. What is interesting is that you totally do not understand the teaching of respect for the land and the deer that gets passed down through generations. Killing a deer is not done willy-nilly or to simply have a rack to put on the wall. It is taken seriously and that is why there are specific rules to be followed about how and when and how many. It is one of the most "regulated" seasons that exist for hunting. Teaching children to respect the land and the animals that inhabit it is one of the main functions of the hunting legacy here in WI. I hope when all the lights go out, I am in the company of a lifelong hunter who will be able to get dinner.

OH MY GOD! SOMEONE KILLED A DEER AND ...(GASP) THEY ATE IT!!! Now I think I will go vote for the other side...they only KILL BABIES. Do you see the utter and complete hypocracy of the whole Democratic party?

My friend Charlie Sykes took calls on WTMJ about this topic today. One of them was quite bizarre, Mike from Richfield. They’re out there, folks. Of course, you can listen to the entire podcast, but the bizarre call is from 22:47- 26:23. Good stuff!

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