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This stuff drives me crazy


   By guest blogger Donna Cole

 I usually read the quack liberal blog Daily Kos for simple comic relief understanding substance and accuracy are foreign concepts to their bloggers. As an example, during the Wisconsin recall elections it read more like a UFO government conspiracy site than a political blog, and Kos gave me daily belly laughs through the whole affair.


 Having said that, every once and while the Kos gang hit on something worth commentary. Last week they had such a post, and it is on a subject that drives me crazy. They point out that in at least nine races in the last election which were very winnable for Republicans were won by Democrats with narrow margins. All of these races had Libertarian candidates on the ballot, and you have probably guessed where this is going. If the folks who voted for the Libertarian would have voted Republican they would have won. The Kos reports this with glee and they thank our Libertarian friends for helping these Democrats win. These were important races too, six house seats, two senate seats (Montana and Indiana), and one governor (Montana). (The Kos post I have linked here has all the numbers laid out in chart form.)

 This is nothing new and has happened before. Libertarians will say it's not their fault the Republican lost, and they will offer up a variety of reasons that I am not going to get into here. The one point I will agree with them on is that you cannot say the Republican would have won if a Libertarian wouldn't have been on the ballot because you would only be guessing at how many would have voted for the Republican verses just staying at home.

 I have always argued with Libertarians that they should push their ideas forward through the Republican Party for one simple reason. The Republicans can actually win elections. One thing we should be able to agree on is that Democrats don't push forward any agenda that serves either of us. Another thing is that in none of the nine races I cited above did the Libertarian candidate have any chance of winning, not even close. Knowing your preferred candidate has zero chance, would you rather have a candidate win who you can agree with half of the time or one you will never agree with?

 Look at the Libertarian Party's presidential candidate this year, Gov. Gary Johnson, was a Republican governor (New Mexico). He ran for the Republican nomination last year before switching to the Libertarian ticket. Sen. Rand Paul is a Republican and his dad, the most famous libertarian of all, Rep. Ron Paul is a Republican. Why are all these guys Republicans? Because that is the only way they can win. If they can figure it out, then you should be able to as well. So, the next time an election comes around please practice what you preach my dear libertarian friends. Defend the Constitution by voting for a party that can win and be in a position to defend it because helping Democrats get elected by making a worthless protest vote does this cause no good.

 Donna Cole lives in Oak Creek and writes the blog MediaPolitical. Follow her on Facebook at Donna Cole's MediaPolitical and on Twitter @mediapolitical. And for her critics, she is a Constitutional libertarian. 

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