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Holiday Parade?


  By guest blogger Donna Cole

 I heard a news report this morning that reminded me it is getting to be that time of year again. Yes, this Saturday is the annual Milwaukee Holiday Parade, and the reporter said that Santa Claus will be there (Of course). I can hear 'ole Nick now, "Ho Ho Ho, Merry Holiday!" This got me to thinking about how we are supposed to be all inclusive, and the Holiday Parade is certainly missing the boat, or sleigh, on political correctness. What's up with the discrimination? Shouldn't all the holidays be included? It is a Holiday Parade after all.


 Why didn't anybody invite Uncle Sam to represent for the 4th of July? What about some retired military folks for Veterans Day? Some zombies for Halloween? How can we leave out the union goons with their blue fister signs for Labor Day? Why not Indians, the American kind, and Pilgrims for Thanksgiving? Why, I am deeply disturbed by this lack of inclusion, and I have a very long list of those not included.

 In all honesty, I'm not disturbed by those things, but I am disturbed about another thing. Why is it called a Holiday Parade when everybody knows what it really is, a Christmas Parade? Because of one thing, the tyranny of the minority. I am not talking about racial minorities either, I am talking about liberals.

 I thought we lived in a Republic and through a democratic process the majority rules. But NOoooo. One liberal passing through town doesn't like a Nativity scene in front of a rural courthouse, take it down. One tired old nothing left to be angry about moonbat wants to hack off the whole community because he (or she) is a self righteous jerk, and the local high school has to end sixty years of tradition by changing the name of their sports team because it has a name that might offend some Indian somewhere in America. And we have to call a Christmas Parade a Holiday Parade because some left wing religion hating atheist says that someone, at sometime, somewhere, may be offended by it. What the majority of people think makes no difference.

 If you don't like the idea of a Christmas Parade, don't go to it. You don't like a Nativity scene, don't look at it. You don't like the name of a sports team, don't go to the games. Why should we, the majority, have to break our necks to include you? The answer is we shouldn't have to. Not when it comes to stuff like this. Just because some liberal doesn't like that it is called a Christmas Parade, when in fact it is a Christmas Parade, is no reason not to call it a Christmas Parade.

 I looked on the Milwaukee Holiday Parade's website, and it has a picture of a man riding a camel. He is wearing robes, a turban, and has a fake beard. He is obviously supposed to be one of the Wise Men from the story in the Bible. What's next? Is some liberal going to protest this and say because it is a representation of an event that happened in a Christian story about the birth of Christ it cannot be depicted on a public street? I got an even better one. The guy on the camel is making fun of Muhammad, it must be stopped! Lock the guy up in jail! I probably shouldn't give these people any ideas.

 Put the shoe on the other foot and we are supposed to just take it. We must accept it. Some idiots want to ride around Madison naked on bicycles in front of children and decent people, it's their right. Some morons want to yell and scream calling it singing daily in our State Capitol, it's a protest. Some person who claims to be an artist can desecrate Christian religious symbols, then display them in public, and we are told to hush our mouths. It is artistic expression. We are told we must tolerate all these things in the name of tolerance. Yet the left tells us they do not have to tolerate what we enjoy, believe, hold sacred or as long standing tradition. These things are not about someone being legitimately discriminated against. Liberals just hate them because liberals are filled with hate and anger, and they abuse the system to make everyone else as miserable as they are.

 It is this kind of political correctness forced on the rest of us by the tyrannical minority that gives me more gray hair than I should have for my age. Unfortunately, many on our side do not stand up to these thugs. At least some people in Milwaukee had the courage to change the name of the City Christmas Tree, which had been changed to Holiday Tree for a decade, back to what it is, a Christmas Tree. I wish somebody could now find the courage to stand up to these left wing political terrorists, who hold the weapon of a lawsuit against the head of public officials, and call the Holiday Parade what it really is. A Christmas Parade.

*Note: Please do take your family and attend the Milwaukee Christmas Parade. They will be collecting non-perishable food items for the Hunger Task Force along the parade route, so think about those less fortunate and bring something to give. But, please don't bring that three year old can of beets from the back of your pantry. There is a reason it has been back there for three years, make an effort to bring something that you also would eat. You can find all the parade info here.

 Donna Cole lives in Oak Creek and writes the blog MediaPolitical. Follow her on Facebook at Donna Cole's MediaPolitical and on Twitter @mediapolitical

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