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Where's this growth Franklin referenda supporters are talking about?

Franklin voters are being told to go to the polls and approve three costly school property tax increases (referenda) because Franklin’s student population is going to explode.

The folks pushing that line wouldn’t lie to us, would they?

According to figures from the city of Franklin, here are the number of permits issued for single family housing units since 1970. Note the most recent figures:

1970: 37

1971: 80

1972: 107

1973: 116

1974: 113

1975: 172

1976: 276

1977: 190

1978: 118

1979: 101

1980: 111

1981: 99

1982: 69

1983: 140

1984: 125

1985: 137

1986: 140

1987: 111

1988: 137

1989: 139

1990: 229

1991: 216

1992: 242

1993: 208

1994: 208

1995: 241

1996: 210

1997: 189

1998: 249

1999: 283

2000: 193

2001: 197

2002: 145

2003: 149

2004: 220

2005: 231

2006: 138

2007: 62

2008: 36

2009: 22

2010: 25

2011: 27

2012: 50

Recently, I blogged the following:


First came the surveys. What building improvements would you like to see in the Franklin? The answers were turned into three, count 'em, three referenda. Public Schools

Now comes the hyperbole. If we don’t pass the referenda and make radical, expensive upgrades, students will go hungry, programs will be cut, the sports teams won’t win any games, morale and self-esteem will deteriorate, kids will stumble into each other in the hallways, and my personal favorite, another oldie but a goodie, we’ll have to put up trailers.

The out of control spin machine is using this key word as part of their argument in support of  property tax increases (three referenda)...GROWTH.

"We have seen a growth in enrollment to where we are about at capacity and we have a number of needs.”

That gem comes from Franklin High Principal Michael Cady. Next, Superintendent Steve Patz.

"We have been experiencing a little bit of growth in Franklin. We know that eventually the growth will increase once the economy continues to improve. We may have to do this in phases.”

Growth. To the point that it warrants self-imposed tax increases, I’m sorry…referenda.

Really? So much growth Franklin can’t handle it?

Here are enrollment figures from the Franklin Public School district's own website showing the growth in the Franklin Public Schools since 1995. You tell me if the growth is soooooo explosive that it calls for massive tax increases.

I love this pro-referenda argument. We can’t handle the growth we have, but vote YES so we can attract even more families with more kids into the district.


The school district administration is not being truthful with voters. That’s not a shock. That’s no surprise. They will say anything to get these referenda passed. That’s been their approach now and in the past.

Franklin voters, don’t let them get away with it. Vote NO three times.

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