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It's Franklin school referenda trivia time!

Do you remember who said the following back in 2007 when asked about opposition to the two Franklin school referenda at the time totaling over $78 million:

”As far as criticisms go, not much.”

It was Franklin School Superintendent Bill Szakacs who apparently wasn’t paying attention. Each of the two referenda failed 60-40.

Szakacs would be run out of town on a rail by the school administration that used him as a scapegoat for the embarrassing referenda outcome.

More from the Way Back Machine. After the 2007 massive property tax increases went down in flames, I blogged the following as one of my top Franklin stories of the year that turned out to be quite prophetic. We pick up that blog on Election Night:

Congratulations, Franklin voters!

Today, you sent a strong and powerful message to the taxing authorities that while you support quality education, you also favor the return of fiscal sanity to your community.

It is extremely encouraging that the Franklin community today stood tall and strong, declaring in a loud and clear voice that you will not tolerate exorbitant taxes and spending.

Thank you, Franklin voters for standing up and proclaiming that you refuse to increase your already excessive tax burden.

Days after the stinging defeat, I continued to get e-mails on the issue. One writer commented on remarks made by School Board member Sue Huhn on this web site and in the Community Newspaper in an article written by John Neville:

Huhn predicted the next school district referendum will not feature a new high school. She said it's more likely the next will propose a second middle school with extensive revamping of the high school. The latter, she said, will include some expansion - a new gym and auditorium with more fine arts department space.

An e-mailer wrote:

Tone deaf? “We don’t want to pay for an auditorium or a new gym when our kids kant spel!”

Where’s the improvement in the EDUCATIONAL facilities? They shouldn’t be in athletics if they can’t make change at McDonalds or write a coherent paragraph!

Still another e-mailer tied in the failed referenda to criticisms being made by, what the e-mailer called “eco-bloggers,” about one of the major development projects in Franklin.

That e-mailer wrote:

Some of the eco-bloggers here in town are all in a tizzy about the “sea of asphalt” on preliminary plans for the Shops at Wyndham Ridge… I’ve heard that the proposal will be for something like 900 (parking) spots in the entire development…. Where was the eco-outrage at the 1000 spots for STUDENTS? I’m certain that the school district would not have added a good deal of eco-amenities such as covered walkways, extra wide grassy areas and salt resistant landscaping to their sea of asphalt… Fair is fair and being consistent is important.

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