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Boycott the election? Pass up the boycott!!!!


By guest bloggers
Bob and Jean Dohnal, Publishers and Editors

Wisconsin Conservative Digest

Brewing under the spotlight is a call from Ron Paul supporters to boycott the election because they do not agree with Tommy and Romney on everything.  Well, I really like Ron Paul and believe that he did a great national service by running for president and bringing out many of the things that he talks about, for debate.  Particularly the Federal Reserve role in this country.  It has been proven; one of the main things that caused the Great Depression was the role of the Fed.

Ron is probably the smartest person ever to run for president.  I have watched him, since he ran for president, on the Libertarian ticket years back.  I had several friends that knew him well, loved what he was talking about, but just disagreed with him on some issues.  I know that many Ron Paul and Gary Johnson supporters have strong principles, as I do, but we must ask what vote that we cast that will advance those principles the fastest???

But, boycotting this election, as a protest, by the Ron Paul gang, against Romney because they do not always agree with him, is pure disaster.  My father always told me, do not pay any attention to what is said the last six months before an election. In the immortal words of Bill Buckley:  "I vote for the most Conservative person that can get elected, then work on them". Barry Goldwater:  "Get them elected then educate them".  That is our roll.

Richard Nixon was fond of saying that he could eat almost anything, including cottage cheese, if he put enough catsup on it". No matter how much catsup we put on Obamacare and Cap and Tax, it will not be edible. That is what we are going to get for dinner, if we fail to win Wisconsin for Mitt Romney and for president and Tommy Thompson to become the 51st vote.

In this state, we might just get 40,000 or so votes for president from some in the Libertarian and Constitution party and maybe the Green party.  Well, encourage liberals to vote for the Green party but we must love our Libertarian friends, I am a Libertarian, Conservative and the people that love the Constitution, to death.  WE cannot win anything if some Conservatives stay home and some run off to the hinterlands.

I know that Rand Paul is strongly pushing Mitt Romney and that Ron Paul is a good friend of Mitt and his wife. I believe that Ron has had some direct effect on Mitt and his platform.  I would love to have Ron Paul in the cabinet, but at present he is not a candidate for president and Mitt is.  We know that either Mitt Romney or Barak Obama will become president. We must elect Mitt, defeat Obamacare, get the economy going, and develop a strong foreign policy.  That will not happen under Obama in the next four years.

Years ago I was at a meeting with Richard Nixon and John Mitchell.  In response to a point made by someone at the meeting, Mitchell said:  "Doing that is somewhat like buying a new blue serge suit and then taking a leak in it. You might get a nice, warm feeling all over, but when you are done nobody is hardly going to notice".

Boycotting the election or voting for the Libertarian party, or others, might make you feel good, but the chance that you will get a bad stomach or cramps  afterwards will negate the good feeling that you had for a short period of time.

I believe that we must stand on our principles, elect the best Conservative that we can and then sit on them for four years.  Face it, unless the people that voted for you are behind you on legislation it will not pass.

Our vote is a gift from those who fought at Bunker Hill, Antietam, the Somme and stormed ashore at Normandy.  I am not asking anyone to vacate your principles, but stand with those of us that are long term Conservatives, have fought for those principles, and elect someone that we can work with to advance those principles.

Tommy vs. Tammy: Down to the wire.  I am of the belief that Tommy will win this but only if we all do our jobs.  They say Tammy is just too extreme, but that is not the correct verbiage.  The truth is that her agenda of socialism and pacifism would have been a great philosophy when the world was small, like in 1830, but it is not.  If we do not lead the world, some one will and it will not be in our best interests for the freedom of the world.  It is lovely to think that if we do not give our soldiers bullets and armor that that will stop war, but it will not.  Her agenda is just nutty.

Churchill said: ”The fate of mankind is war, punctuated by short times of peace".  Read the bible, it is really a story of the wars and battles of the "Chosen People" and not much has changed.  We have brought peace through our strength, after the Korean War.  Prior to that Europe was in a war every 25 years. Russia was on the doorstep of Europe and only our nuclear weapons stopped them.

Ronald Reagan, Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Truman, wanted us to be prepared and to fight, every inch of the way, to the brink of war to stop it.  JFK wanted a strong military to stand offf the Commies. We must, too. Tammy and others of her ilk are nice people, but totally nutty with their platforms.

Since I have had three kids in the military, and associated services, war is something that has been on our doorstep for more than a decade. We realize that the best way to avoid war is for everyone to be so afraid of our might that they will not attempt it.  Weakness, like we had after the First World War only brings on worse conflagrations.  If Britain and the US had stayed armed and fought the Germans when they advanced into the Rhineland, to test us, we would not have had WWII.

From what I can see, the Tammy/Obama crowd believes that they will re-energize the economy by having more teachers, more food stamps, developing cars powered by little windmills on top, taxing the rich, and demagoging for racial vote. What else is unknown, because they just do not tell what they really want to do?

Does anyone know why Obama wants to be president, again, and what his plans are?  If you do, please enlighten us.

But, as for me, I love Ron Paul and will encourage discussion of his stands for the next decade, as long as my arthritic hands will allow me to type, but I will not vote for them now and definitely will vote for Romney and Tommy.  

I go back with Tommy almost 50 years.  When I was at UW he was the Goldwater chair on campus and we met during the Goldwater campaign.  Tommy solves problems and the problems of War, SS, Medicare, Medicaid, Economy, and Jobs need a big talent to solve. I believe that Tommy, Romney and Ryan have that talent.

Please join those of us that have been the leaders of the Conservative movement in this state, who elected Ronald Reagan and changed the world, in this world changing moment.

Bob and Jean Dohnal, Publishers and Editors

Wisconsin Conservative Digest


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