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Kevin Fischer is a veteran broadcaster, the recipient of over 150 major journalism awards from the Milwaukee Press Club, the Wisconsin Associated Press, the Northwest Broadcast News Association, the Wisconsin Bar Association, and others. He has been seen and heard on Milwaukee TV and radio stations for over three decades. A longtime aide to state Senate Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature, Kevin can be seen offering his views on the news on the public affairs program, "InterCHANGE," on Milwaukee Public Television Channel 10, and heard filling in on Newstalk 1130 WISN. He lives with his wife, Jennifer, and their lovely young daughter, Kyla Audrey, in Franklin.

Tommy Thompson gets an important endorsement and releases a new ad

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Governor Chris Christie Endorses 
Tommy Thompson for U.S. Senate


Madison, WI
- Today, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced his endorsement of Tommy Thompson in his bid for US Senate.  Governor Christie's joins former Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice in recognizing Thompson's success in job creation and policy innovation.


"Wisconsinites cannot afford to send Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin and her record of killing jobs to Washington, D.C." said Governor Christie. "America needs a reformer who understands the needs of our job creators, and I am confident Tommy will fight for the changes small businesses desperately need to grow and expand.  Tommy is a proven reformer who paved the way for welfare reform and school choice in this country.  That is why I am proud to stand by Tommy Thompson as he works to bring fiscal responsibility to Washington and revitalize our sluggish economy."


"It is an honor to receive the support Governor Chris Christie," said Thompson.  "Governor Christie understands the bold reforms one must put in place to deflate the bloated budgets of government.  In New Jersey, Christie saved taxpayers billions of dollars by capping property taxes and implementing a teacher evaluation system.  Like me, Governor Christie empowered small businesses by giving them the tools and incentives needed to grow and create jobs. I am proud to have Governor Christie stand with me in my run for United States Senate as we work to protect and preserve the values America was founded upon."




Paid for by Tommy Thompson for Senate, Inc.

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CONTACT: Lisa Boothe 608-661-6363 or

Tommy Thompson Releases Television Ad, "Architect"
Exposes Baldwin's Plan to Gut $716 Billion from Medicare and 
Opposition to a Program 90 Percent of Seniors Support

Madison, WI - The Tommy Thompson campaign released its newest television ad, "Architect." The ad features Wisconsin seniors discussing their discontent with Madison liberal Tammy Baldwin's extreme vote to cut $716 billion from Medicare. The ad, which can be seen statewide, also touts Thompson's record of protecting seniors' health care and his role in creating the successful Medicare Part D program.

"Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin is no protector of seniors," said Thompson. "My opponent's only plan for Medicare is to gut $716 billion from it, put a board of 15 unelected bureaucrats in charge of rationing care, and sit back and watch as it goes insolvent.  As if that wasn't enough, she has openly opposed Medicare Part D, a plan that 90 percent of seniors support. Wisconsin seniors know they can trust me to preserve their health care and keep costs low because I have a long record of fighting for them, both as Governor and as Health and Human Services Secretary.

"Now, I have a plan to fight for them again. I will preserve Medicare for seniors today and ensure its lasting benefits for future seniors by reforming the broken system, making it more cost effective and giving them the power of choice in making their own health care decisions."


To watch the video, click here.


(Narrator): Tammy Baldwin is lying about Tommy Thompson. The truth is, Baldwin voted to gut Medicare for seniors

(Woman 1): Tammy Baldwin has no business taking $716 billion out of Medicare.

(Narrator): Baldwin even voted against providing prescription drug benefits to seniors. That plan's architect? Tommy Thompson.

(Woman 2): Seniors can trust Tommy Thompson

(Thompson): I'm Tommy Thompson and I approve this message, because I'll never break our promise to America's seniors.

Paid for by Tommy Thompson for Senate, Inc.

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Tommy Thompson: Look to the private sector to restore America
Madison Capital Times (op-ed)
Tommy Thompson
October 17, 2012
For the first time in our nation's history, we cannot look our children and grandchildren in the eye and tell them that the country we are leaving them with will be stronger, freer and more prosperous than the one we inherited. That is not the American way.
Years of reckless spending, taxation and government intervention perpetrated by liberals like Tammy Baldwin have led us to this critical juncture in our nation's history. And if something is not done immediately to correct the course we are on, America as we have known it could be lost forever.
Under my opponent Tammy Baldwin's watch, 6.6 million Americans have lost their jobs and $10 trillion has been added to our nation's debt. And because of the enormity of our country's $16 trillion debt, each American household owes over $136,000. With more than 23 million Americans unemployed or underemployed, it is clear that the tax-and-spend policies of Tammy Baldwin and President Obama are not working.
Rather than providing our nation's job creators with the tools they need to grow and expand, my opponent has punished them with onerous regulations. Her job-killing agenda is riddled with reckless policies like cap and trade, which would cost Wisconsin 26,000 jobs, and reckless EPA regulations on paper mills, which would cost another 7,500 Wisconsin jobs. And her ill-conceived health care law will hit small businesses with higher taxes.
During my time as governor of Wisconsin, I worked hand in hand with the private sector to create jobs. Together, we turned Wisconsin into an economic powerhouse and the envy of the nation by creating over 740,000 jobs and cutting taxes 91 times. We reformed welfare by creating opportunity and putting people to work. Not only do I have the proven track record to turn our economy around, but I have a plan to restore America.
We can have an immediate impact on our nation's economy by creating a more competitive tax rate, repatriating foreign profits for investment in jobs at home, and expanding America's domestic energy production.
A more competitive corporate tax code would foster economic growth. At 35 percent, we are the highest in the world. And instead of serving as a welcome mat for job creators, our current corporate tax rate has been a moving truck for American businesses.
We must address the perverse incentives that cause companies to reinvest foreign profits overseas. Currently, foreign profits are taxed at a rate of 35 percent if brought back into the United States. I propose a zero penalty to return those funds for investment in the United States when they are used for investment in plant and equipment, job training or research and development.
Most importantly, in order to create long-term economic expansion we must break our dependency on foreign oil. Energy independence would mean creating millions of jobs and lowering energy costs, starting right here in Wisconsin. It is estimated that fully realizing our nation's energy potential by 2020 would add as much as $624 billion to our country's GDP.
The contrast in this election could not be clearer: Six more years of Tammy Baldwin's job-killing economic policies or my proven record as a job creator.
Together, we can restore America and leave future generations with a stronger, freer and more prosperous nation.
Tommy Thompson is the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. He is a former governor of Wisconsin and former U.S. secretary of Health and Human Services
Paid for by Tommy Thompson for Senate, Inc.

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