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Senator Ron Johnson on tonight's debate

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Fourteen years ago Madison liberal Tammy Baldwin was elected to Congress. Since then, she has worked hard to earn the ranking of "Most Liberal Member of the House" and was rated Wisconsin's "Most Liberal" member of Congress in 40 years.  You and I already know that Congresswoman Baldwin is too extreme for Wisconsin, but tonight the rest of the state will realize that, too.

With more than 23 million Americans unemployed or underemployed and the future of America at stake, the Wisconsin Senate race has grabbed national headlines.  Tonight, Governor Tommy Thompson and Congresswoman Baldwin will engage in an hour-long debate, and in that time viewers will see two very different paths for America.

Tommy Thompson is a leader with a proven record; as governor, he helped create over 740,000 jobs, cut taxes 91 times and introduced bold, responsible reforms.  And now he has a bold plan to get America back on track. Tonight, Tommy will stand on his record and Wisconsin families will rally behind him.

By contrast, Tammy Baldwin will do everything she can to run from the failed record of the super-liberal policies she supported that have nearly brought our nation to its knees.

Questions that need to be answered in tonight's debate:
  • Tammy claims to work for the middle class, so why did she champion the FY 2012 Progressive Budget, which would raise taxes by $3.9 trillion?
  • How does she justify supporting one of the largest tax increases in history, ObamaCare, during the deepest recession since the Great Depression?
  • She has been a reliable rubber-stamp for budget-busting policies, voting for the $825 Billion Stimulus bill and the $1.76 trillion health care law (which she doesn't believe went far enough.)
Also, look out for Tammy to try to dodge her job-killing record:
  • Because of policies and spending she supports, 6.6 million Americans have lost their jobs and $10 trillion has been added to the nation's debt. In Wisconsin, 129,455 people have lost their jobs.
  • Tammy voted for cap-and-trade, which would kill 26,000 Wisconsin non-farm jobs as a result of increased energy costs.
  • Tammy Baldwin has repeatedly voted for onerous regulations that tie the hands of our small business owners, making it impossible for them to grow and expand.
Since the beginning, Tammy Baldwin has been running a negative campaign to divert voters' attention from the failed record of policies she supports and will continue to promote.  Tonight we will see the old Tommy from Elroy that we all know. We will be reminded of his success as a four-term governor and his plans to put America back on a path to prosperity.

Let me leave you with this: The liberal policies of deficit spending, weakening our national defense, taking over our healthcare system, over regulating our economy, failing to fully use our domestic energy resources, and punishing success have brought America to a tipping point.  Tammy Baldwin will continue to promote each and every one of these failed policies.  It's clear: America cannot afford to send Tammy Baldwin to the U.S. Senate.

Senator Ron Johnson

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