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Irish Eyes Just Keep Smiling...

Kyla's Korner

The third weekend in August is ALWAYS scheduled for us… it’s Irish Fest, the best and I do mean BEST Irish celebration anywhere.  Even folks who visit from the Emerald Isle itself agree with that description.


As you probably know already, we had an eventful Saturday there this year.  What could have been a really horrible experience ended in tears of joy and grateful hearts.  When you have a moment like that you really don’t think anything can top it.


Then, the next day comes and you are proven wrong.


When Kyla got dressed that morning, she was adamant that she wear her black “Mary Jane” dress shoes and white socks.  While the socks are meant to be triple rolled down to her ankle, she stretched them up as close to her knees as possible.  You see, in her mind she looked like “a real Irish girl dancer” in her version of ghilles and poodle socks:




The day was a bit wetter than we had planned on.  All those radars and predictions and forecasts didn’t prepare us for the deluge we had to endure.  Fortunately for us, we were already under a tent as Kyla insisted on partaking in the ceili lessons.  There might have been a monsoon outside the tent but under cover, Kyla was having a fabulous time.  And that’s when she met Giselle.


While the two girls danced, I chatted with Giselle’s grandma.  I learned that her son and daughter-in-law were visiting from New York with the grandkids.  That coming Thursday Giselle would be celebrating her fifth birthday.  The family was having a great vacation and enjoying Irish Fest immensely.  That was about all we discussed, as we were keeping the girls from getting stepped on or tumbling off the stage.  Unbeknown to me, Giselle’s mom was taking a video of the girls with her phone and chatting with Kevin.


Eventually the downpour let up and it was time to head over to the Children’s Red Hair Contest that Kevin was emceeing.  We said our goodbyes and wished them safe travels home and that was that.  Of course it was only after we got home that afternoon Kevin realized we never exchanged contact information and had no way of getting a copy of the video.  Yes, we were kicking ourselves.


But it didn’t end there.  You know that Paul Harvey quote:  “And now, the rest of the story…”


Later that week we decided that Thursday would be a great day to go to Bartolotta’s North Point custard stand for lunch.  The forecast called for dry & sunny conditions, perfect for a burger al fresco.


As we were preparing to leave, we heard a voice behind Kevin:  “Is that Kyla?”  Suddenly a sweet little familiar face was right next to Kyla, and they were chatting like long-lost friends.  Yes, it was the lovely family from Westchester, New York.  I nearly fell over.  What were the chances?  (They were celebrating Giselle’s birthday in part with lunch at North Point, then meeting Grandma at the Betty Brinn museum.)


Before any more pleasantries could be exchanged Kevin immediately gave her our email address so that we could get a copy of The Video.  The girls had a chance to watch it together on her phone and of course we were all biased but we thought it was the cutest darned thing ever.  We spent another 10 minutes or so chatting about Giselle’s birthday adventures, their visit, and how they enjoyed the festival.  Eventually they needed to order lunch and Kevin had to get back to the office.  Once again we wished them safe travels home and the girls said their good-byes with hugs.


Kyla & Giselle, you are so sweet to watch.  What a beautiful memory for our families!  We’d love to see you at Irish Fest 2013!


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