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Aphids, Santa, and Daddy

Kyla's Korner

Potty training…  We’re close but not 100% there yet.  Kyla still needs some supervision to make sure everything is taken care of.  I don’t mind, and usually she is quite good about the process.


The one challenge is she thinks she’s going away on an extended trip every time she needs to take a potty break.  She searches for a stuffed friend or toy to keep her occupied for the long process (of about 30 seconds.)


The other day she decided to take a handful of game pieces from her favorite board game:



There are cardboard “aphids” about the size of a quarter, and I swear I am picking them up every single day whether we play the game or not.  Clearly the “inventor” of the game was NOT a Mommy.  (I know this for a fact because I’ve read the description.)

Kyla thought it would be a good idea to fill a plastic tea cup full of those “little fellas” as she calls them and take them right on the toilet with her.  Well, you can certainly imagine what happened… aphid overboard!  (Or would that be UNDERboard?)  Fortunately only ONE cardboard bug fell prey to the whirlpool of water.  When I told her that I could not retrieve the aphid, she was distraught.  She cried and cried at the thought of her dear little aphid being lost in the great swirl & swish, never to be seen again.  (Hmm, too many Finding Nemo story books?)

I consoled her as best I could and tried to use the situation as a teaching moment as to why it’s not a good idea to take toys onto the potty.  While she agreed to not do that any more, she was quite upset.  I like to think I’m a good mom AND a creative problem solver but I just wasn’t “getting it.”

SuperDaddy to the rescue.

After talking just a moment to calm her down (how does he DO that?) Kevin asked Kyla if he should call our friends at Franklin City Hall to try to get her aphid back.  She knows that the Franklin water tower is right by the library and City Hall so I chimed in and explained that the water tower is where her aphid would eventually end up after being flushed.

She nodded and looked at him with those beautiful brown eyes full of love and hope for her “little fella.”  After an Oscar-worthy performance of a one-sided imaginary conversation (said in front of Kyla of course) she was happy to learn that the City Engineers were indeed going to rescue her aphid.

She spent the rest of the day hoping it would be OK and occasionally asking if they’d found it yet.  We assured her they were doing their very best and that by the next day she should have him back.

The next afternoon when she woke up from her nap, Kevin handed her an OFFICIAL envelope from the city.  (Didn’t we open our water bill just days before?  Nah, just a coincidence.)  Sure enough, there was her precious aphid, all dry and happy and ready to join the others.  (This was the first time I was actually grateful for a million identical playing pieces.)

“Oh, THANK YOU, Daddy!” she gushed as she ran towards him to offer a big bear hug of gratitude.  She was beside herself with joy.  Kevin mumbled to me how he felt bad lying to her.  Just as I was about to relieve him of guilt, he echoed my thoughts:  “I suppose it’s the same as Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.”

Of course it is.  You created a bit of fantasy for your darling daughter to cheer her up.  She once again realizes you are the most amazing Daddy ever.  I love you for your tender and quick-thinking resolution to a situation.

You really are SuperDaddy.

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