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Culinary no-no #283

Culinary no-no's



When I worked at WTMJ, clear directions were given to radio news anchors that they better deliver what they promise when promoting or teasing upcoming news stories.

For example, suppose just before going to a commercial break the news anchor read:

“Coming up: Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn throws an ugly tantrum at a news conference.”

After the commercial, you better broadcast a story with sound bite evidence clearly demonstrating and supporting what you told the audience. In no way should you have over-sold, exaggerated, or hyped a story simply to get listeners to stick around.

Naturally part of the business is holding on to an audience for as long as you can and that involves artful promoting. Artful and might I add, truthful.

“Coming up: Our next story is guaranteed to make you cry.”

That just might happen with some listeners. Even so, I’d use other wording.

Over a month ago I stumbled across an article in the Houston Chronicle that I thought might be useful for a future Culinary no-no. I can’t find the article but I did save a side-by side photo showing an item on the menu at a local Mexican restaurant.

Take a look. One picture shows the dish as advertised. The other shows the dish when it’s served. Care to guess which is which?

Granted, this deception is nothing new, not exactly news bulletin material.

However, when an unheralded restaurant in Texas does it, that's one thing.



...does it, that's a whole new ballgame.

As writes, "like Madonna, sometimes a boob slips out."




A real cynic would say,

I asked.

You answered.

You’re lying.

I’m not sure that video, as blatantly honest as McDonald’s was through the blond female Canuck did the corporation any favors.

Lest we pick on the giant, the Golden Arches is not alone.

My guess is the revealing photos will do nothing to stop the stampede at fast food joints. Not as long as there's a lingering recession and dollar menus. No matter the state of the economy, certain operations are here to stay.

Now...if you want truth in advertising, for example, in a burger, I can attest that this offering from one of my favorite restaurants is the real deal. What you see is what you'll get.

A rare Culinary yes-yes.

Let's go to ...

It's near 76th and Forest Home.

Chef Matt, take it away.

Prepare to drool.


Speaking of truth in advertising, I'm not buying this one.


Speaking of fast food you agree?

I've been to Denny's, always for breakfast, five times. One time it was ok. Four times it was horrible, and I'm not picky. I'll never ever go back.

Why would anyone eat at this hellhole, especially late at night?

And finally, I'm sorry, but there's no way to sell this slop.  


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