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Week-ends (06/23/12)


A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of This Just In...


Lyna Gonzalez's doctors

Rick Clement

John Cena

Brandon Jacobs

The 9 Nanas


Jerry Sandusky

William Lynn

Dyrel Bartee

Lawrence O'Donnell



"President Obama must be defeated in the coming election. He has failed to advance the progressive cause in the United States."
Roberto Unger, President Obama’s Harvard law professor.

"If you were 4 years old when your parents brought you here illegally and you have grown up here your whole life and don't even speak Spanish, and you are your high school's valedictorian, you have a lot to contribute to our future. It kind of feels weird to deport you."
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), disagreeing with the president's move to bypass Congress on the issue, but also expressing unease about such deportations.

"Some people have asked if I will let stand the president's executive action. The answer is that I will put in place my own long-term solution that will replace and supersede the president's temporary measure."
Mitt Romney, speaking about what he would do, before the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials.

“That’s a clown question, bro.”
Nevada Senator Harry Reid, 72, responding to a question about President Obama’s immigration policy.

"I don't understand his vision for a second term, other than '[Republicans] suck.' "
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), arguing that President Obama has no policy ideas beyond opposing the Republican Party.

“I see a reporter here. I just pray that you start writing about these issues. I just pray. Stop always writing about, 'Oh, the person couldn't get, you know, their food stamps or this or that.' You know, I saw something the other day — it's like, another sob story, and I'm like, 'But what about what's happening to the country and the country as a whole?' That's going to devastate everybody."
US Senate candidate Eric Hovde in the Huffington Post.

“It’s unfortunate the Huffington Post took five seconds out of 14-minute speech to take out of context comments that were used for political gain. The reality is, these are very serious issues, issues that got Eric into race in the first place. We are heading for a financial cliff right now. If we do not get our financial system in order and reform entitlements, we are in trouble.”
Sean Lansing, Hovde’s communications director.

"There is a big difference between a bureaucratic failure and a bureaucratic plot.  There has been a bureaucratic failure, and to the extent I'm the chief bureaucrat, I'm responsible for that failure. The bottom line is, counting that bureaucratic failure into our crime data, the fact remains that the work of our officers has had an impact on crime and that impact has been favorable over the last six years."
MPD Police Chief Ed Flynn. Flynn told a Common Council committee this week more than 5,300 violent assaults have been misreported since 2006.

This is the highest error rate I have ever heard of. A genuinely independent audit of the department is necessary."
Samuel Walker, criminology professor at the University of Nebraska-Omaha referring to the number of crimes that have been misreported.


School bus bullies harass elderly woman.  MORE.

Gay activists behave badly at White House.


54 arrests made at Juneteenth Day. Take all the ethnic festivals at the lakefront this summer, add them all up and you won't get anywhere near 54 arrests.


Is Ann Curry leaving the Today Show?


A promise is a promise.

Bucket list leaves couple broke.

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