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The latest pro-life news (06/18/12)

From Pro-Life Wisconsin, and Wisconsin Right To Life:

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Monday, June 18, 2012
Julia Holcomb (Former Girlfriend of Steven Tyler) Tells Personal Story of Abortion Loss at Wisconsin Right to Life Events
Open Letter to Abortion Clinic Workers from Abby Johnson
Romney Huge Target of Planned Parenthood
Brutality of Forced Abortion
You Can Help a Teen Go To Leadership Camp!
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Julia Holcomb (Former Girlfriend of Steven Tyler) Tells Personal Story of Abortion Loss at Wisconsin Right to Life Events

When you meet Julia Holcomb, a beautiful faith-filled mother of seven, you would never guess she had a three-year relationship with a rock star as a teenager.   The rock star --  Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith and a judge on American n Idol.  Julia was about five months pregnant with Tyler’s child when he coerced her into an abortion.   Both Julia and Tyler now deeply regret the loss of their son.

To protect her children, Julia never intended for her story to become public, but Tyler named her in his book released in 2011.   At a difficult and dramatic family meeting, Julia and her husband told the children about their mother’s past.   Her children have forgiven her, and Julia made the courageous decision to use public knowledge of her relationship with Tyler and late-term abortion to help the right-to-life movement.    A novice speaker at this point, she appeared at two benefits for Wisconsin Right to Life in Green Bay and Appleton and touched both audiences deeply with her heartfelt account of what she endured and how she turned her life around.    She ended by urging people not to give up on someone they love who appears lost, because, as Julia says, if God could save her, He can save anyone.  

An Open Letter to Abortion Clinic Workers from Abby Johnson

I remember the meeting like it was yesterday.  All of the clinic directors assembled in the main conference room.  Sitting in a sort of squared-circle facing each other.

We were being told that we had all been guilty of fraudulent billing to the state and federal government.  We didn’t even know that we had been participating in the fraud.  We were all sitting there in silence.  What did this mean?  Were we in trouble?  Could we potentially get in trouble?  So, I broke the silence.  I simply asked, “What are we going to do about the money we shouldn’t have received?”  The response, “We are going to hope we don’t get caught.”  But…”What if we do get caught? Can we be held responsible?”  She then went into a long story about a similar situation she had once been in at a clinic where she once worked.  The moral of the story was, yes, we could all be held responsible…but not to worry, “we” wouldn’t get caught.

A couple years later, I left Planned Parenthood.  I talked to several attorneys about that meeting.  I knew what I had been involved in was wrong, and I knew Planned Parenthood needed to be held accountable.  That meeting had nothing to do with pro-life or pro-choice issues; this was about our tax dollars and fiscal responsibility.  So, I decided to come forward with the information I knew and am now involved in a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood.

I often think about the people I worked with at Planned Parenthood.  When this case goes to court, can they be held accountable?  Yes.  Can they be put in jail for this fraudulent activity?  Yes.  Is that a scary thought?  Absolutely.

When I look back, I realize just how shocking and disrespectful Planned Parenthood was.  You can see how much they value their personnel.  “We are going to hope we don’t get caught”…but if we do, we will throw you under the bus instead of correcting our mistake.

So, maybe you are currently a clinic worker.  Maybe you are aware of fraudulent activity taking place at your facility.  Maybe it is happening and you don’t even know about it.  We just recently saw videos exposed by Live Action that show clinic workers knowingly breaking the law.  Has that been you?  Can you really trust your employer, the abortion industry? This is the same industry that has multiple lawsuits pending (all brought on by former clinic workers) that allege fraud.  This is the same industry that is currently under Congressional investigation because of suspected misdeeds. This is the same industry that has been caught again and again by Live Action and other groups breaking the law and deliberately lying to patients.  These are the people you trust?  You think they are loyal to you?  Think again.  Just months before I left Planned Parenthood, I had received their “Employee of the Year” award.  Three weeks after I left, I was sitting in a court fighting against the people I once called my closest friends.  You’ve heard the saying, “There is no honor among thieves.”  Well, there is even less honor in the abortion industry.

You may hear things from your supervisors like, “Oh, those Live Action videos are a hoax.”  Why don’t you check it out for yourself?  We always post unedited video on our site,  If they are indeed a “hoax” then why do these clinics always fire the employees involved in the videos?  I understand tolerance and acceptance, but those two things do not require law breaking…which is what we see over and over again.

I remember watching one video…I heard the clinic workers say, “We don’t judge here.  We accept people from all walks of life.”  I could almost hear my voice making that statement.  The clinic worker was reassuring a pimp and a prostitute that their illegal sex trafficking ring was “safe” with Planned Parenthood.  You see what we have done?  We have forgotten who we are working to protect.  We have allowed the idea of “tolerance” to cloud our judgment of right and wrong.

I suspect you have run into similar situations at your clinic…I know I did.  Did you brush them off under the idea that ‘you are a tolerant person’ or did you do the right thing and stand up against what you saw?  I bet you let “tolerance” and “acceptance” get the best of you.

Are you willing to take the fall for your job?  Are you willing to go to prison for this industry?  If not, then we can help.  You don’t have to feel trapped.  There is a way out and it is called “And Then There Were None.”  It is an organization to help you leave the abortion industry.  We provide 4 streams of assistance.

- Up to three months of financial support after a worker resigns and help with job placement
- Emotional support during the transition time
- A spiritual advisor of the former worker’s choosing
- Free legal counsel to protect the worker’s interests during transition

There is no reason to stay in the abortion field if you want out…and we have a strong desire to help you.  You deserve better than the abortion industry.  You deserve to work somewhere where you are valued and respected.  Let us help — our website is here:

-- Abby Johnson

Romney Huge Target of Planned Parenthood

The Planned Parenthood Federation for America (PPFA) is all-in for Obama, and determined to take down Governor Mitt Romney in November.  Just ask their President, Cecile Richards, who lambasted Romney in remarks late last week to Netroots Nation, a gathering of bloggers who are pro-abortion.  “In the next five months, the offensive you should go on is Mitt Romney’s own statements about what he would do to women’s health care if he was elected president,” Richards advises the bloggers.

In an interview with a CNN affiliate, Romney said, “…Planned Parenthood, we’re gonna get rid of that…”   Romney later clarified that he meant that he would get rid of federal funding for PPFA, not the organization itself.

Richards told Netroots Nation about PPFA’s ambitious plans prior to the November election.  PPFA is already airing a $1.4 million ad campaign against Romney in Florida, Iowa and Virginia.  The ad narrator zeroes in on Romney’s interview comments by saying:  “When Mitt Romney says ‘Planned Parenthood — we’re gonna get rid of that,’ Romney is saying he’ll deny women the birth control and cancer screenings they depend on.”  The ad summarizes by calling Romney “just wrong for women.”

And so, the “war on women” narrative continues.   Plan on hearing it over and over again.

The Brutality of Forced Abortion

Two stories surfaced in the eastern part of the world so brutal that they are incomprehensible.  The first involves a Chinese woman who was subjected to a forced abortion at seven months of pregnancy.  According to, “Feng Jianmei was beaten and dragged into a vehicle by a group of family planning officials while her husband, Deng Jiyuan, was out working.”  The family was asked to pay a fine by officials for having this child and when no money was paid, “…..they forcibly aborted Feng at seven months, laying the body of her aborted baby next to her in the bed.”

Angry protests are occurring in China following this horrendous action, according to ChinaAid, a U.S.-based human rights group.   The mother has an attorney to represent her and to focus attention on the violence used to enforce the government’s one-child-per-family policy.  The New York Post reports that Chinese officials will “probe” the incident.

The second incident occurred in India where a father killed his three-month-old baby girl because his wife did not give birth to a son.  According to CNN, “Authorities say the baby was admitted to the hospital with bite marks, cigarette burns and a dislocated neck.  Police say she was killed by her father.  ‘After my delivery my husband had come to see me and the baby.  He said ‘It is a girl, why did you give birth to a girl?’ nineteen-year-old Reshma Banu said.  ‘For her wedding we will require a hundred thousand rupees (about US $1,800 dollars) for all the expense.  If you can get that amount from your mother, then keep her, but if you can’t then kill her.’ Banu recalled her husband as saying.  She didn’t believe he meant it and was sure he would change his mind once he held his soft bright-eyed baby girl.  Three months later, her baby is dead, and her husband is under arrest, accused of beating the baby to death.   Police say he confessed to the killing.”

So brutal.  So sad.  So lacking in morality and humanity.

You Can Help a Teen Go To Leadership Camp!

Find a Camp Flier with highlights, special early-bird rates and more here:

Adults: You can sponsor a local teen (or several local teens for that matter) so they can attend Summer Leadership Camp.
Contact your local Wisconsin Right to Life Chapter to ask how. Don’t know who to call?
Find your nearest chapter online here:

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Wisconsin Teens for Life
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Helping Wisconsin college students speak out in defense of life through..

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TeenBreaks is an outstanding website FOR teens and BY teens - real stories about real issues of all kinds. It's a place to go if you've got problems or just want to know how others feel about things. TeenBreaks includes extensive abortion information, real-life stories and help if you are pregnant. You’ll find numerous personal testimonies from teens – those who have gone through an abortion and those who have not.

Wisconsin Right to Life
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National Right to Life Committee
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