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Grassroots leaders call out state Senator Larson

Grassroots Leaders Call-Out Chris Larson's Lack of Bi-partisanship

June 12 (Milwaukee) - In an initial step towards putting the recall elections behind us, Governor Scott Walker invited the Democratic Party legislators, the state senators and representatives along with their spouses and staffers to a "Brat Summit" cookout today. The "Brat Summit" serves as a venue to opening dialog between the legislators.

As Senator Larson's constituents in the state's 7th Senate District, we are extremely disappointed in his declining the Governor's invitation. According to a June 8 Associated Press article, Senator Larson casually dismissed the invitation as just a "great photo-op" for the Governor. He reaffirmed this position in a facebook posting on June 11th. He wrote, "If Walker truly wants to find compromise and work together on jobs, education, and health care, he will convene a special legislative session now that there is actually a check on his power in the state senate."

Those are not the words of a statesman who seeks common ground to move forward in an effort to collaborate with fellow legislators. These are the words of an arrogant, egotistical person who demands the other party yield to his ideology.

As a young leader of the Democratic Party and a key player in the "Capitol Chaos" of 2011, it is incumbent on Senator Larson to exert a greater degree of party leadership and to strenuously work to partner with the administration for the benefit of all Wisconsinites.

As grassroots movement leaders, we agree that Governor's "Brat Summit" can help move Wisconsin "Forward" by bringing legislators together where they can set aside differences for a while and focusing their attention on improving our economy which will bring jobs.

If Senator Chris Larson cannot accept the will of 53% of the people of Wisconsin and shift his focus to growing the economy for all Wisconsinites and if he cannot step "Forward" by attending this "Brat Summit," then perhaps it is time for him to step "Aside."

Chris Kliesmet, Citizens for Responsible Government                      
Orv Seymer, Citizens for Responsible Government 

Larry Gamble, WI Grandsons of Liberty
Tim Dake, WI GrandSons of Liberty

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