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A Bright Future for Wisconsin

The following appears in the latest edition of the Wisconsin Conservative Digest and is re-printed here with permission of the publisher.


By Rep. Jim Ott

(R-23rd District)
My friend and former colleague at WTMJ

Photo of Representative Ott

The last several months have been stressful for Republicans in Wisconsin, with an unprecedented level of hostility from Democrats and liberals, and now some very important recall elections looming in the immediate future. Many are questioning why they should have their elected representatives facing unjustified recalls for simply doing the job they were elected to do.

Such reactions are understandable and can lead to election fatigue and pessimism just when we need the opposite attitude. My opinion is this is a time to be energized and optimistic. The progress 
we've made in the last 16 months in getting Wisconsin back on track to fiscal solvency and common sense policies has been nothing short of remarkable.

First there was the budget deficit of $3.6 billion. Under Governor Walker's leadership Republicans in the Legislature passed a budget that eliminated the deficit without raising taxes or raiding other state funds. And the State did not have to lay off any public sector workers, and neither did school districts that took advantage of the tools provided in the budget.

Then there is the major tort reform included in a number of bills passed into law. It is now more difficult to commence frivolous lawsuits in our state, and the law passed by the Democrats in 2010 that allowed excessive punitive damages in employment discrimination cases was repealed.

Other measures were passed into law that had been on our Republican “to do” list for years, such as Concealed Carry, the Castle Doctrine and Photo I.D. for voting. The Photo I.D. law is currently tied up in court, but we are hopeful of prevailing when the case is finally heard.

We even passed a bill that will change the way the Milwaukee Area Technical College Board is chosen, ensuring that the Board members will be more in touch with the needs of businesses who look to MATC graduates as a source of employees.

All of this progress was only possible because of the leadership of Governor Walker and the willingness of the Republican majorities in the Assembly and Senate to take the necessary steps to head Wisconsin in the right direction. The fact that Democrats resorted to importing out of control demonstrators into the state while the Democrat Senators fled to Illinois illustrates how opposed they are to our common sense agenda and clearly shows what kind of a state they envision for our future.

Is there more to accomplish? You bet there is. That's why it's so important that Republicans put every ounce of energy into winning the recall elections and keeping Governor Walker and Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch in office. It's also critical to maintain our majorities in the State Assembly and Senate, which means winning the Senate recall elections and then turning our focus to the November elections.

Wisconsin is in a much better place now than we were just 16 months ago because of Republican leadership and hard work. There were some hard-fought battles but we won, and it was well worth it. I'm optimistic that we will keep on winning and in the process will ensure a very bright future for our state.

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About this time, after the elections, is when conservatives go to sleep, zip up their billfolds and say: "We elected them do all of the hard lifting.” That is why we win battles and lose wars. The campaigns must go on. Conservatives have to keep working and keep giving. Politics is a blood sport; we have seen that in MadisonWauwatosa, WI 53226-3407
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this past year.

Ronald Reagan said once: "When you pull all of those snouts away from the trough you are going to get a lot of oinking.” That is what is happening. The left is apoplectic. They might lose 25% or more of their contributions. That can kill some of them. The left lives off the rest of us. Public employees and many public agencies depend on our money, tax money, to pay for their political activities. We Conservatives must go out and get money from hard working people. Most of the rich people have become liberals. Conservatives are the people that are out there every day busting their butts.

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It is your choice: Help!!

Bob and Jean Dohnal, Publishers/Editors, Wisconsin Conservative Digest
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