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STUNNING: Chief Investigator in John Doe Has Recall Walker Sign in Yard, Blue Fist Union Icon in Window

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By: Brian Sikma

The chief investigator in the high-profile John Doe investigation into former Milwaukee County employees who worked for now-Governor Scott Walker has a Walker recall yard sign in his front lawn, and a pro-labor “Blue Fist” icon poster on the front door of his home. The news could call into question the present impartiality of the probe at a time when Democrat gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett and his allies have begun to use the issue as a top talking point.

David Budde's residence, address plate blurred

David Budde's residence, address plate blurred

David Budde is the Chief Investigator in Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm’s office, press accounts have repeatedly noted his central role in the John Doe investigation. His name appears throughout various documents relating to the probe.

Democrats and liberal groups have repeatedly charged that the John Doe will bring Walker down during the recall election. The details of the secretive investigation are not supposed to be leaked according to state law. However, strategically timed leaks arguably benefiting the narrative Democrats are trying to build have repeatedly taken place. Yet, none of the leaks or publicly available facts has yet substantiated the assertion that Walker is in any way connected to the crimes that caused him to call for the investigation in the first place.

District Attorney John Chisholm has failed to clarify what he intends to do to stop the leaks.

The sign that appears in chief investigator Budde’s yard carries a Democratic Party of Wisconsin disclosure statement at the bottom. The signs are for sale on the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s website and cost $5.00.

The now familiar Blue Fist icon poster was originally an AFL-CIO creation and has proven to be a rallying point and banner for those who oppose Walker’s collective bargaining reforms. It first surfaced around the time of the protests at the state capitol in early 2011 and is now shorthand for someone to identify himself as anti-Walker.

Budde’s anti-Walker sentiments are quite strong. He has given small campaign contributions to John Chisholm in the past, and his wife, also a county employee (as of February) but not employed in the District Attorney’s office, signed the Walker recall petition.

When Media Trackers released a report showing that 43 attorneys and staff in the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office signed petitions to recall Walker, Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Depending on their specific assignments, attorneys may have ethical or conflict considerations that prohibit them from actively participating in politics.” Lovern also told the paper, “My understanding is that none of the attorneys in this office involved in politically related investigations has participated in the recall process.”

The section of the DA’s office conducting the John Doe investigation, the Public Integrity Unit, had its secretary, Janet Oelstrom, sign a recall Walker petition.

Since Lovern strongly suggested it would be inappropriate for anyone working on the John Doe investigation to be participating in politics, it remains to be seen what will happen to David Budde, the chief investigator, now that he has been found openly promoting the political defeat of a person whose name has repeatedly been mentioned in relation to the investigation.

UPDATE from WI Reporter.

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