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Don't misconstrue the MJS endorsement of Walker as one lefty blogger did

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board is endorsing Scott Walker in the recall election June 5. 

That might come as a shock to conservatives and to liberals (who think they own the paper) as well.

Already one uber-lefty blogger has wrapped himself into contortions making the colossal leap that the endorsement proves the media isn’t liberal.

Two things.

1) What a crock.

2) As usual, this blogger, James Rowen doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

Rowen is now temporarily blogging for the Journal Sentinel where he absurdly writes the paper’s endorsement shoots holes in anything local talk radio hosts have to utter. Are you kidding me?!

Maybe Rowen didn’t read the endorsement. Maybe he did. If so, he needs to go and read it again.

The editorial board isn’t endorsing Walker because they’re in love with the governor or his polices. They’re endorsing him because they believe he should be voted out of office because of his polices…in a regularly scheduled election!

This is a consistent position the editorial board has maintained,
one I’ve mentioned in the past.

Rowen, like most print people, shows his total ignorance of the broadcast media when he writes, “All day Monday, the same Milwaukee talk radio stations that routinely call the newspaper "the dead tree,"  or mock it as the Sentinel-Journal, and gratuitously label it as a liberal publication punishing poor, beaten-down conservatives will do a back-flip and laud the newspaper instead. That's how situational and paper-thin is the faux outrage they throw out in search of ratings.”

Afraid not. I don’t think any conservative talk show host will throw a bouquet of roses at the “dead tree." Not when the “dead tree" publishes a daily hit piece in some form or fashion on the Governor Walker. Check out the editorials. The guest pieces. Does any local MJS columnist ever have anything good to say about the governor? Even the letters to the editor are slanted. Good Lord. The bias is so extremely obvious, unless you’re like Rowen with head firmly implanted in sand (or somewhere else).

My guess is local talk show hosts will make the observation the endorsement is noteworthy. It does not, as Rowen foolishly contends, END the claim that the mainstream media here has a liberal bias.

If Rowen despises talk radio so much, as he does the governor, maybe he should tune his radio dial elsewhere. On Monday when Charlie is on WTMJ, over on taxpayer-supported Wisconsin Public Radio, Kathleen Dunn will be talking with
Anna Quindlen, novelist, journalist, and former columnist for The New York Times and Newsweek. Her new memoir is "Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake."

Sounds awfully riveting.

Later in the day, when Mark Belling is talking about real hot topics, once again on Wisconsin Public Radio, from their own website:

“The American Psychological Association has been drafting a new edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders…and some of the proposed changes have sparked controversy. After four, Rob Ferrett talks with a past president of the APA, who says the proposed changes will lead to the over-diagnosis of mental disorders and lead to a ‘sickening of society.’ Guest: Frank Farley, Psychologist at Temple University and Former President, American Psychological Association.”

No, local AM talk radio is not a game. I speak from experience. Those guys say what they mean and believe.

And unlike lefty bloggers, they actually know what they’re talking about.

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