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Garbage time in Franklin

The Franklin Common Council rarely dazzles. The Council, that is quickly becoming even more dysfunctional and disappointing than the Franklin School Board, rarely deserves an ATTA BOY because they don’t often get it right.

Do they impress? Grab you by the lapels leaving you proclaiming in amazement, WOW, look what they’ve done?

Sadly, no.

From my perspective, they more often than not leave you aggravated, frustrated, scratching your head.

Why must everything important they do have question marks attached?

That great bastion of quality journalism, FranklinNOW is reporting:

Departing from precedent, the Franklin Common Council voted Tuesday to open negotiations with John's Disposal Service on a new garbage and recycling collection contract covering as much as five years. In past years, the contract has gone out for open bid.

John's, of Whitewater, is the city's current contractor. It has submitted a proposal to continue to collect refuse under the present terms and conditions for the first year of a five-year contract beginning in 2013. Recycling would be collected in carts delivered by John's, and prices for recycling pickup would increase from $2.25 monthly to $2.55.

In the second through fifth years, collection prices would be negotiated by the city and the disposal service, but would be limited to a minimum increase of 2.5 percent, and a maximum increase of 4 percent.”

The sentiment amongst most of the aldermen was this: They’ve done a good job. Aw, hell, just give them a long –term deal.

Alderman, let’s see, what hat is he wearing now? Oh, yes, that’s right. Alderman Steve Taylor who never fails to disappoint argued in defense of abandoning the bidding process, “If we go out for bid, and they don't get it, then the phone calls come in.”

So, the reason he doesn’t want to go to a bidding process is he’s afraid to take the heat?

He wants two political positions but doesn't want angry phone calls?


But that’s Steve Taylor.

My good friend, Alderman Steve Olson, sorry Steve, may have uttered the most ridiculous quote in Franklin politics history, and I know he was joking, but still, it wasn’t remotely close to being funny:

"I would say the state recall effort would be minimal (in comparison) if we switch from John's.”

Really, Steve? You think you’ll get death threats, thumb tacks on your driveway, protests outside your house?


Steve, please re-think your quote after you look up “hyperbole” in the dictionary.

For the record, I, too, am happy with John’s. For the record, I just happen to be a big, big fan of the concept of a free market and competition.

We elect folks like the aldermen to make tough decisions and tough calls, and yes, to do the hard work. If John’s is that good, make them go through the ordeal. By forgoing the open bidding process, the council appears to have taken the lazy approach instead of doing the heavy lifting of the bidding process that could potentially produce another outfit that could do the job cheaper and more efficiently.

Now, we’ll never know.

Finally, allow me a sports analogy. The late Alex Karras, as a Monday Night Football analyst described the previous NFL champions as a bear carrying a big ol’ slab of meat on its shoulders. The bear, Karras submitted, wasn’t as “hungry.” Ditto, possibly, for a firm that suddenly has a big fat extended contract.

Why, why in Franklin must we always turn our backs on opportunities to SAVE?

Talk about garbage.

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