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Liberal-leaning GAB Deflects Criticism by Criticizing Volunteers

The current Government Accountability Board in Madison needs to go. It’s a joke.

That includes its head man, Kevin Kennedy, who has failed miserably at impartiality.

The Board is also arrogant. Here’s more, demonstrating their insults to the long, meticulous hours put in by dedicated work of devoted volunteers. How dare they!




Verify The Recall Responds to GAB Analysis of Verify The Recall/True The Vote
Contact: Larry Gamble (414) 465-8683

The Government Accountability Board (GAB) has announced its analysis of the recall signature verification efforts made by the GAB for taking the time and resources to examine the recall signature analysis reports created by TTV. VTR is encouraged by the GAB’s decision to review work done by the people of Wisconsin (and her sister states) as independent private citizens. The people have a strong and abiding interest in transparency and integrity in their government; VTR is a robust reflection of these interests.

In its analysis, the GAB takes exception to some of TTV’s findings, and to some of the data entry efforts of VTR volunteers. VTR recognizes that its dataset is not perfect, yet also proclaims that its dataset is a generally accurate reflection of the recall petitions. During the data entry process, VTR Volunteers were instructed to enter data exactly as it appeared on the recall petition – misspellings, geographical errors, incomplete records, etc. were all to be entered as seen. Such practices, combined with other bumps in the road (like securing only about 90% of the recall petitions from the GAB upon VTR’s initial request), have necessitated that VTR tie up loose ends, clean up errors, and attempt to standardize data in recent weeks. Such efforts to improve VTR’s dataset continue.

One major point that the GAB fails to mention in its analysis, however, is the fact that VTR fundamentally changed the nature of recall conversations in Wisconsin. Prior to VTR’s launch in December of 2011, reports of fraudulent recall signatures flooded the media airwaves.

These reports were combined with reports of the GAB’s apparent disinterest to weed out such fraudulent recall signatures; as David Buerger (GAB Petition Reviewer Co-Team Leader) explained on December 13, 2011, Adolph Hitler could sign a recall and the signature would be accepted by the GAB – so long as “Hitler” listed a plausible Wisconsin address.

Following VTR’s launch, recall conversations in Wisconsin changed from “fraud and indifference” to “integrity and accountability.” On a shoestring operating budget of about $15,000, the people of Wisconsin organized themselves via VTR to guarantee that a review of every single recall signature would be completed. VTR raised the people’s expectations of the recall signature review process; the GAB and partisan organizations, in turn, increased their own validation efforts such that in May of 2012, the recall conversation in Wisconsin is “Who completed the best review?” instead of “Was a review completed?”

In addition, VTR also raised the people’s expectations of recall transparency by launching its online searchable database ( of recall petition signatures. The GAB followed suit in later weeks.

VTR’s overarching goal throughout its many (and ongoing) efforts is to ensure the integrity of Wisconsin’s election processes. Thanks to its thousands of volunteers, VTR declares major (and ongoing) success in terms of this goal.

VTR looks forward to continuing its work with the GAB to improve the integrity and transparency of Wisconsin’s recall processes, and to ensure that Wisconsin citizens have a voice in the verification and challenge process.

VTR is a joint project of We the People of the Republic and the Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty. True The Vote provided all necessary software to complete the data entry process and completed the initial analysis of the data.

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