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Two Franklin School Board members are big sore losers

Franklin School Board members Debbie Larson and Jeff Traylor recently were kicked out of their leadership positions as Board President and Vice President, respectively. However, the two did not relinquish their posts quietly or graciously.

Franklin’s Bryan Maersch has blogged that both, primarily Traylor have made insulting and derogatory comments on Facebook about Franklin bloggers that have been critical of the school board, including NEW school board president Janet Evans. The bloggers have been referred to as cyber bullies.


This goes beyond sour grapes. It’s petty, personal, and childish.

Franklin voters made clear choices in the April election. They wanted a more fiscally responsible, taxpayer-friendly board and board leadership. When Larson and Traylor insult the bloggers who advocated for such change, they also insult Franklin citizens who went to the polls.

I’m not surprised that Traylor doesn’t understand the meaning of cyber bully. This is a guy captured on video claiming he doesn’t know what it means to be fiscally responsible. And he's entrusted with overseeing the education of our children? Scary.

Since we’re calling names, let me toss a few out. Traylor is one big wuss, a complete whiner. He plays the victim card, but for as long as I’ve been blogging, I’ve never received an e-mail or phone call from the oppressed Traylor. He never even left a comment on my blog. It’s ok for him to rip away on Facebook, but apparently community bloggers are supposed to clam up and ignore the actions of their elected school board.

Larson and Traylor actually give the bloggers too much credit. We can write and opine as passionately and as often as we want. We can’t make people go out and do what we hope and say. No, the voters saw what was transpiring, didn’t like it, and took matters into their hands.

The days of one big happy tax and spend kaffeklatsch are over and that’s what really frustrates the likes of Larson, Traylor, and ex-school board member Judith Bialk. They hate the very notion that people, the people they work for, and the people who pay the bills are actually paying attention and exercising their First Amendment rights.

NEWS FLASH: Not everyone thinks the same way you do, Debbie and Jeff.

Finally, here’s hoping quality candidates are already thinking about running next year when Larson and Traylor are up for re-election. Maybe then we can have even more members that truly understand what it means to do what school board folks always promise: providing a great education at a reasonable cost to taxpayers.


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