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Barrett Discriminates, Pays Women $17K Less Than Men

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By: Brian Sikma

Women working in the office of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett make significantly less per year than men working for Barrett according to data provided by the mayor’s office to Media Trackers. Just two weeks after launching a television ad critical of Governor Scott Walker’s (R) so-called war on women, employment data from Barrett’s office shows the existence of a gender pay gap that greatly exceeds the disparity that is said to exist statewide in Wisconsin.

Among current employees, Barrett pays women an average of $17,645.19 less per year than he pays men working for him. Records from the mayor’s office released in March show that not including Barrett there are three men and nine women who work full time in the mayor’s office.

According to an April 2012 report by the National Partnership for Women and Families, working women in Wisconsin make an average of $10,033 less per year than working men. That means that women working in Barrett’s office can expect to suffer an income disparity roughly 75% greater than that suffered by working women statewide.

Barrett and fellow Democrat Kathleen Falk have directed a lot of political fire at Governor Scott Walker over the Governor’s so-called war on women. Their accusations have not held up under scrutiny and a Falk campaign surrogate admitted that in reality nothing Walker has done has resulted in any harm to women’s compensation in the workplace.

With the top salaries in Barrett’s office tending to go to men while women are relegated to lower paying jobs, at least one liberal group has an explanation for how this discrimination takes place. The National Committee on Pay Equity argues that employers regard some jobs as gender-specific as well as of lower value. The end result is women are trapped in lower paying jobs as a result of both gender discrimination and their work being regarded as of lesser value.

The hypocrisy of Mayor Barrett’s rhetoric and actions on the gender pay gap arguably add legitimacy to the narrative that Barrett is not a true believer on issues important to the liberal base in the recall election. Kathleen Falk and labor unions have repeatedly charged that Barrett lacks leadership and courage and has been consistently absent from the fight to advance a far-left agenda.

A list breaking down the salaries paid by Mayor Barrett to staff is below.


Patricia Doll


Myra Edwards


Kimberly Montgomery


Marcey Patterson


Alexis Peterson


Leslie Silletti


Jodie Tabak


Brooke VandeBerg



Patrick Curley


Michael Miller


Oscar Tovar


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