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Get a mocha at The Mouse House

Kevin & I have been to Walt Disney World (what we affectionately refer to as The Mouse House) approximately 20 times.  If anyone thinks that WDW is just for people with kids they have no idea what they are talking about.


No matter where/when we vacation, we go with the attitude that it is, indeed, a break from our normal routines.  If we want to indulge and treat ourselves, we do.  We’re not going to hem and haw about the cost of some of our favorites.  Kyla wants a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar?  Fine, don’t even check the price sign on the front of the freezer cart.  It’s just not a breakfast visit to the Kona Café without my Lilikoi juice despite the fact it’s almost double the price of our at-home breakfast destination.


If you’re a penny pincher, your first food bill at WDW might send your blood pressure into the stratosphere.  But I’m willing to bet that thousands and thousands of people vacationing at WDW won’t bat a lash at the cost of a latte from the best-known caffeine conglomerate.


That’s right:  The Mouse and The Siren are getting married.


It’s no secret that I’m not a fan but I admit I’m in the minority.  While not opposed to capitalism, I simply prefer mom-and-pop percolation like Franklin’s own Moondance Café.  But I know that Disney execs don’t make snap decisions:  they know their guests, and they’ve done a lot to improve the culinary options since the days that all you could get was a bland burger or less-than-hot dog.


It will take awhile for the LottaBucks to pop up in every park.  For our next family vacation there this fall, I won’t be besieged with baristas yet.  Thank goodness.  When they do finally hit, I will simply do in Orlando what I do at home:  not purchase their coffee.  That’s enough for me:  I don’t deny anyone else their frappe fix.


But listen up, Mr. Robert A. Iger: I’d better not see any park logos that look like this…





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