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The fight for Franklin taxpayers never ends

Janet Evans and Aimee Schlueter won seats on the Franklin school board earlier this month.

I believe Franklin residents like me could be forgiven for being giddy over the results.

Since I moved to Franklin in 1992, Franklin property taxpayers have been constant piñatas by heavy tax and spenders. Didn’t matter if it was mayors, aldermen, school board members, or school superintendents. They collectively ganged up on taxpayers to squeeze the fiscal life out of them.

Finally, On April 3, 2012, taxpayers demanded their freedom back, and may have gotten it.


That’s right.


The deck chairs for the first time in 20 or possibly even more years are stacked in favor of the over-burdened taxpayers.

I don’t discount what happened on the most recent Election Day. However, let’s be real. The new school board hasn’t done anything yet.

It’s possible, but not certain, that the likes of Evans, Schlueter, Linda Witkowski, and Tim Nielsen could be the new leaders on a board that in the past didn't care at all about the people who pay the bills.

Everything’s in the proper motion. But given that the school board could mess up a one-car funeral, I’m not holding my breath that this Wednesday’s organizational meeting will leave taxpayers who decided the recent election satisfied.

I’m confident about Evans. She does what she says she’s going to do.

Aimee Schlueter? We have nothing to go on except what she said during the campaign. I’ll take her word and hope she keeps it during what for me is an upcoming honeymoon period. It’s up to Schlueter to keep the faith and trust voter have placed.

Witkowski and Nielsen?

Sorry, but honestly, they disappoint. I wish they could be as strongly consistent and steadfast as Evans. Sadly, they’re not. My thought is that they share the “Go along to get along” sentiment on the board that is flawed. This isn’t a kumbaya festival. You’re there to do a job. I’m not sure they totally get or understand that.

So while all the arrows point in the right direction Wednesday night, I wouldn’t be surprised if things get mucked up. After all, it’s the Franklin School Board way.

And we've been burnt before.

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