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Mark Belling on Franklin's Steve Taylor: An "obnoxious sellout to conservatives"

The Milwaukee County Board meets next Monday to swear in members that won in the recent elections and select their leaders including Milwaukee County Board Chairman.

This organizational meeting is incredibly important. Five Milwaukee County supervisors are running for County Board Chairman to replace the ethically-challenged bully Lee Holloway. The new chairman will have great influence over Milwaukee County proceedings and will have a major platform when it comes to media attention.

One of the new supervisors is Franklin alderman Steve Taylor. I have exposed him as a phony conservative for the longest time. Even so, because he runs as a conservative and he’s not, he has hornswoggled enough voters to keep his aldermanic seat and now win a seat on the Milwaukee County Board.

As I feared, area voters have elected this phony who cares nothing about conservatives or their values but only himself.

His first vote next week will be to elect a County Board Chairman. Granted, all the contenders are liberals. But Taylor has pledged his support to Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic. She is the liberal’s liberal, the most liberal member running for the top leadership position on the Milwaukee County Board.. She is also strongly anti-Scott Walker. Making matters worse, she has the reputation of being anti-suburb.

Needless to say she has promised something to Taylor in exchange for his vote. Even before he’s in office, Taylor has abandoned conservatives, their values, and the people he represents, a very solid conservative populace.

Please don’t fall for any excuses he might offer, like he’s been promised a spot on an important committee. The guy’s as phony as a $3 bill.

With all due respect to anyone who voted for Taylor in the recent election, you’ve been had. You’ve been screwed. And you screwed the rest of us.

Taylor intends to keep his aldermanic job and his new County Board job. He stunk at one. He’ll stink at both. It’s impossible to do well at both. One or both jobs will suffer.

As I prepared to write this blog, I had no idea Mark Belling would shish-kebob Taylor on the air today. Belling rightly called Taylor an “obnoxious sellout to conservatives” who didn’t even wait until he was sworn in before he started screwing the people he represents.

Belling said “Steve Taylor may be setting the record for speed with which he sold out his constituents.”

The Belling podcast from Thursday.

And just remember, I told you so.

UPDATE: Taylor has also entered his name in contention for one of the two Vice-Chair positions on the board.

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