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When does life begin for a liberal?

When does life begin for a liberal?
By guest blogger Donna Cole

Gene Weingarten recently had this op-ed in the Washington Post, "Another child dies in a hot car, and Gene Weingarten asks: Why was this a crime ?" Weingarten tells the story of a professional woman in Virginia with a very stressful life. She forgot about her two year old child in her car, went to work and the child died in that car. He compares it to one time he almost forgot his own young child in a car, and says the same thing could have easily happened to him.

The woman in the story, Karen Murphy, was originally charged with felony murder and faced up to 40 years in prison. After working a deal with the district attorney, Murphy plead guilty to misdemeanor child neglect and will face no prison time. As the title of Weingarten's piece implies, he has the usual liberal response to this story. Why was she charged with any crime ? He thinks it is punishment enough she lost her child. 

I am not going to argue what Murphy should have been charged with or convicted of. If this happened to me, the guilt would be unbearable and I fully imagine it is for her. This was a tragic accident, albeit a fully avoidable one and that is where I come to my problem with Weingarten's piece. I want to address Weingarten's typical liberal answer to this, zero accountability. It is not the fault of the parent. Why they were busy and had a lot on their mind. The parent should not be expected to remember they have a baby trapped in their own car to roast all day. You cannot hold that against them.

This is liberalism at its height. A total disregard for human life. It was just a two year old, this child was not really a full fledged person yet. That child's life doesn't really count in the liberal mindset. This is why abortion is accepted by liberals. People make mistakes, just let it go. This attitude is a product of the liberal genocide on the unborn, no acknowledgement of the value of life. Now this has been extended to children who actually have been born.

I honestly do not see a difference between this and the co-sleeping deaths of infants in Milwaukee, deaths we have seen time and time again here. Have the baby, sleep with the baby, sometimes high or drunk, sometimes not, then roll over and kill the baby. 

The Milwaukee County District Attorney either refuses to prosecute these seemingly monthly murders or when he does bring charges, they are very minor. So, what is the difference, some were busy getting high or drunk or had something else on their minds, Murphy was busy with things that were more important to her than her child was that terrible day? The answer is there is no difference and the results are the same. A child is dead and no one is held to account.

As Weingarten points out in his piece, these deaths of children left in cars happen 15 to 30 times a year nationally. There were at least 9 co-sleeping deaths in Milwaukee County in 2011 and 3 or more so far in 2012. The Milwaukee Mayor's answer is to put out ads saying co-sleeping is a bad idea, but no call to lock up the parent or guardian for murder.

Perhaps if these cases were more vigorously prosecuted, it might a send a message to the community that killing your baby, either by sleeping with it or leaving it in a hot car, is not acceptable to society. If this made just one parent think twice about their actions with their children and save just one of these babies, to me it would be worth putting those other parents away. Right now the message is: You want to get rid of your baby? Just kill it by sleeping with it or leave it in your car all day and don't worry, you're not going to get in any trouble for it.

I am not trying to imply all these murders, and murders are what they are, were intentional. I understand that for Weingarten the word murder is too strong, as he calls it an "unforgiving term" with regard to cases like this. I am sure he also thinks murder is too strong a term for abortion. I also understand with this woman, Murphy, it was a tragic accident, nonetheless a human being was murdered here.

So, while liberals cry for the mothers and the criminal justice system holds none to account, who is crying for the children both before and now after birth? Certainly not liberals like Weingarten or the Milwaukee County District Attorney.

This leaves one to ask: When does life begin for a liberal? For me, this is an easy answer, it begins at conception. But liberals have now shown us that even a two year old child is still not enough proof of life for them.

Donna Cole of Oak Creek writes her own blog, “Media Political.”

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