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Culinary no-no #269

Culinary no-no's



This week, we visit Lennox, California, a small community of about 22,000 located near the Los Angeles International Airport. With only a square mile and very little green space, Lennox is extremely poor.

Poor socio-economically, Lennox is rich, however in successful Little League baseball teams, having won 11 titles the past two years.

Wouldn’t you know it? Someone has to come along and ruin the party. In this case, not surprisingly, it’s public school officials.

Citing budget cuts, the fuddy-duddy killjoys that run the Lennox School District back in January, just one month before the season started, jacked up the fees they charge the Little League to use their fields to $150/day. That amounts to $300 the Lennox Little League would need to pay on weekends they use the school district fields. The district said it needed the additional funding to pay for security. The Little League said that's too much and you're going to put us out of business.

Since the school district wasn't about to budge, the boys needed, like a Cinderella team in the NCAA tournament, a last second hero. They got one from a least likely source.

The aptly named Jet Strip club in Lennox near the airport leapt to the rescue. As you might have guessed, Jet Strip is a gentlemen’s club, the devil’s den if you ask Rick Santorum.

When Jet Strip learned of the boys’ fate, General Manager James Wallace responded with a donation of $1,200. Reportedly broke, the Lennox Little League accepted. For Jet Strip, this wasn’t a first. The strip club has donated in the past to charities. Some recipients have gladly said yes while others have replied, no thanks.

It appeared this story had ‘happy ending’ stamped all over it. But then again, remember what we're talking about here, folks. If you need a picture, here's one from the New York Daily News:

Stripper and little league playe

As the newspaper put it, “What looked like a financial home run for a cash-strapped little league just dinged foul off the stripper pole.”

After some thought about what previously wasn’t considered ill-gotten gain, the Lennox Little League decided not to accept the $1,200 donation once it discovered the gesture of good will came from, GASP,  a  business that features strippers.

"It was a shocker to us," Lennox Little League head Roberto Aguirre said. Aguirre acknowledged, “We do need the money.”

But, “we will go some other avenue."

Not surprisingly in this part of Los Angeles, gangs roam the territory, thus the school district’s call for more money to provide protection at the ball diamonds on the weekends. But others contend if you kill the Little League, those kids might very well be getting into trouble instead of bases loaded jams. Some parents say forget about who’s donating. Take the money, save the Little League, and generously say thank you.

OK, Kev. That’s an interesting story. So where, pray tell, is the Culinary no-no?

Let’s go back to the evil Lennox School District that created all this mess. Not only did it increase fees that would be difficult for the Little League to absorb, it also in its infinite wisdom informed the Little League that it could no longer sell the following at games:

Turns out these items sold at concessions are big bread and butter for the Lennox Little League. Prohibiting their sales pulls the rug out from the League’s very existence.

You can probably guess why the big, bad nasties in the Lennox School District said no more hot dogs and burgers, right?

You got it.

Health concerns.

For that we can thank The First Hypocrite….

Here in God’s country (that would be Franklin, Wisconsin, the good ‘ole US of A), we have a place called On The Border. Women strip there. And the place and their patrons cause no problems. And yes, On The Border contributes to local charities, including Franklin’s annual Fourth of July celebration.

As for the Lennox Little League, in my view, they should have taken the money.


As Don McClean opened his classic "American Pie," “A long, long time ago" I recall reading that when it comes to multiple choice or true or false quizzes, beware of questions that used the words "all" or "none" or "every."

So I bring you

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