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Mad bomber walks the halls at Franklin High and Superintendent Patz doesn't know, care

residents, whether you have or don’t have children in the Franklin Public School System, you should be appalled by what you’re about to read.

On March 1, 2012, reported a pipe bomb was found in Franklin. Not surprisingly, the paper in its inept suburban coverage left out critical information such as: where was the pipe bomb found, who had it, and what, if any action (charges) was being taken.

As usual, it was left to conservative bloggers or conservative talk radio to flush out the story.

On Newstalk 1130 WISN today, talk show host Mark Belling reported the following.

He said he had a “contentious conversation” (off the air) with FPS Superintendent Steve Patz about the pipe bomb incident. Belling said Patz “doesn’t think he has any need to justify any actions they (the school system) need to take or don’t take.”

The following are details you won’t find in the Journal Sentinel or

After an investigation by the Milwaukee County Bomb Squad, Alex (17) and Matthew (20) Matecki were charged with multiple felonies.

Alex & Matthew Matecki
Alex (L) and Matthew (R)

The charges: possession of an improvised explosive device, delivery of a controlled substance , possession with intent  to deliver a controlled substance, and possession of a firearm by a felony.

Found: a 6-8 inch pipe with a live electronic explosive device. The device contained an explosive powder. It was removed from the house and detonated several times

In case the ACLU is reading, with a search warrant, police recovered a large number of drugs, homemade guns, one pipe bomb and other bomb making materials.


The 17-year old, Alex Matecki is still walking the halls at Franklin High School and has not been removed

Belling asked Patz about this. Why hasn’t he been expelled? Patz gave the same answer repeatedly: When it warrants that we take disciplinary action, we do.

Belling: Is it a good idea to have an accused pipe bomber in the high school?

Like the robot in “Lost in Space,” Patz gave his rehearsed answer from his index card.

Belling points out that when the mildest, least threatening incident occurs, schools take every action possible.

In Franklin, multiple felonies are charged with a live pipe bomb and the superintendent plays the stupid defense.

Belling also reports that when he gave Patz the names of the charged, Patz played dumb.

“I don’t run the high school. I wouldn’t know (who they are).”

Given the serious nature of the incident, shouldn’t he know?

When pressed by Belling, Patz said, “Oh yeh, I read the story.”

Shouldn't Patz be on top of the issue?

Belling described Patz’s answers as something from "the planet Mars,” that Patz didn’t “seem to care or be bothered by it.”

For a guy with degrees coming out of his armpits, Patz comes off sounding quite stupid. If I had children in Franklin, I’d sincerely worry about their welfare during the day led by a guy like this who’s only in Franklin because another school system rejected his resume.

Not only do we need a major revamping of the Franklin School Board, but our superintendent needs to go. From his previous actions, however, it doesn’t seem he’d like a change of scenery.

In the meantime, Franklin parents,you may want to start asking some questions and demanding answers from the people who want to rob you blind with a referendum.

A concerned resident wrote me:

"There was NO district communication about this from the district however, we WERE made aware of the whooping cough outbreak. What on earth is he doing in our non metal detector school."

Here's a related blog from 2009.

UPDATE: Shortly after the story broke, this e-mail was distributed Monday night:

Good evening FHS Students and Parents:

Please take a minute to read the attached letter regarding an incident involving an FHS student that was a subject on Milwaukee talk radio today.  Due to student privacy concerns, we had not previously communicated about this situation to parents.  However, because the police report has been released and it has been a topic in the media we felt it important to provide this information to our school community.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns.

Have a nice evening,

Mike Cady

March 12, 2012

Dear FHS Parents and Students:

I am writing to provide background on an incident in the community involving one of our students that was a topic of discussion on Milwaukee talk radio this afternoon.


As reported on the radio, I can confirm that according to police reports, a FHS student was one of two individuals arrested on March 1st following a traffic stop and a subsequent search of his residence reportedly revealed possession of controlled substances, possession of weapons and a “pipe bomb.”  As a school administration we have been in communication with the Franklin PD on this issue and we have implemented reasonable precautionary steps including:

·         Temporary removal of the student from the general environment while we completed our own investigation

·         Regular and random searches of the student, his belongings and locker

·         Increased supervision and restrictions


Our school investigation, combined with the police investigation, have not revealed any connection between the alleged conduct in the community and the school.  There have not been any threats of any kind toward the school, our students or our staff.  Without any related school conduct the authority of the district is limited in terms of further restriction or disciplinary action.  The student in question has been, and continues to be completely cooperative with the precautionary steps outlined above.


The safety of our students is extremely important to us and I assure you that we take this situation seriously and will continue to take all appropriate and reasonable steps to ensure school security.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.






Mike Cady



Franklin High School Principal Michael Cady waits by the main entrance with a scanning wand.  Franklin School District officials closed Franklin on April 20, 2011 after a threatening message and a .22-caliber bullet were found in the school earlier in the week. Students lined up at two entrances on April 21 to pass through metal detectors and for the bags and backpacks to be searched. Photo: C.T. Kruger High School 

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