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A radio talk show host calls a woman a "slut"

He's liberal talker Ed Schultz. It happened in May of 2011:


MSNBC suspended Schultz for a week, and the story essentially went away, pretty darn fast.

Not so with Rush Limbaugh where the lynch mob isn't about to go away quickly or quietly despite his apology for calling a woman who went before Congress and whined that she needed free birth control because she has sex all the time a "slut" and a "prostitute."

"I'm sorry" just isn't good enough for the hateful left. No, no, no.

You apologize and the not-at-all warm and fuzzy left, instead of using whips now brings out the sledgehammers.

Don't you see? The more the left and the trained seals nodding their heads in the mainstream media can vilify Limbaugh, the less attention on the stick-up at the gas pumps, the high unemployment, the debt and the deficit.

On Sunday, liberal water boy David Gregory made the fatal mistake of trying to make the Limbaugh comments an issue with Newt Gingrich. The former Speaker of the House took Gregory to the woodshed. It's priceless as Gregory demonstrates what little guts he has.


Meanwhile, closer to home, what's going to happen to this jackass? Try nothing.

Finally, there's a great column at Misfit Politics entitled, "You ain't got no condoms, take your broke ass home." Here's an excerpt:

"A law student at Georgetown wants us to panic, because if she doesn’t have access to free birth control, it’s going to cost her $3,000 a year!

When I was in college, I worked at the Student Health Center, where we had a giant silver cannister of free–count ‘em–FREE condoms for anybody to grab who walked in the center. Most student health centers do, so if you need free condoms, put your cap on backwards and pop into your local university’s clinic. Nobody will question you.

If you feel like a heel taking free condoms from college health centers, the drug store and even your local gas station has them. They’re not terribly expensive. They sure don’t add up to $3,000 a year, so I’m not sure where this supposedly highly educated person got this number."

You can read the entire piece, and I recommend you do, here.


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