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A Franklin resident's school board analysis is almost, almost dead on

A concerned Franklin citizen identified as Wisconsin Oathkeeper sent me the following. My comment follows:

*Please plan to go to the polls on Tuesday, Feb. 21st and Vote for… Aimee Schlueter and Janet Evans only.*


There are 6 people vying for the FOUR positions on the April 3rd ballot.  Of the six primary candidates, only two are conservatives who will listen to the citizens of Franklin and not listen to the special interest groups.  Aimee and Janet need to make it to the April ballot!  That means we need to vote have a voting block for the conservative candidates. 


You do not have to vote for four candidates in the primary, you can just vote for two.  To make sure the conservative candidates get on the April 3rd ballot, we have to under vote in this election.  This means; you should only vote for Aimee Schlueter and Janet Evans.  This way no votes are counting for the other candidates.


There was a Candidate Forum on Monday Feb. 13th and the special interest candidates no-showed the event.  That left two courageous, conservative candidates to face audience questions for an hour and they did an excellent job.  Let’s support the candidates who show the most concern for the people they would represent.


These candidates did not want to get asked questions at the Candidate Forum and do not deserve our support:

Judith Bialk – incumbent and retired teacher who routinely votes with the school administration and rarely in the interests of the taxpayers.

Don Petre – WEAC union officer and Oak Creek school teacher; any question where his loyalties will be?

David Works – past school board member whom the bloggers ripped to shreds during his *failed* bid for re-election last year.  Let’s not recycle him back onto the board.

John Thompson – we don’t know anything about him since he did not show up for the candidate forum.


If you know other conservatives voting in the Franklin area, please share.  It’s time the school board represents the people and not special interests.

My comment: I’m almost in total agreement and I commend this citizen for reaching out to other residents. It's great to witness more and more Franklin  taxpayers genuinely interested in local elections and politics and how their hard-earned money is spent. I also commend Aimee Schlueter for attending the recent candidates’ forum, unlike four other candidates. However, to earn my vote, you can’t just show up. You must say and do the right things. For me, the jury is still out on Schlueter who claims to be a conservative, yet when asked "Do you support the recall of Scott Walker," her response, a la Donald Schwartz is "I did not sign the recall petition." That begs other questions.

As of right now, on Tuesday, I plan to vote for Janet Evans and only Janet Evans.

Finally, the citizen wrote, "You do not have to vote for four candidates in the primary, you can just vote for two." In fact, you can only vote for two candidates. I choose to vote for only one.


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