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Second thoughts about Donald Schwartz


A few weeks ago, Milwaukee County Board candidate Donald Schwartz reached out to me and sounded quite reasonable. There’s no doubt I gave the clear impression I would support Schwartz for the seat.

Since then I have been told that Schwartz is a genuinely good guy.

I’ve been told that Schwartz has done many good things for the village of Hales Corners.

I’ve also been told that Schwartz is a staunch liberal who doesn’t like Governor Scott Walker and supports his recall.

This new development led me to contact Schwartz via e-mail:

I have been good to you on my blog so I hope you will be honest in answering the following…

I have heard from reliable sources you do not support Governor Walker and his policies and support his recall. Please answer specifically all of those. True or not?

Thank you.”

Schwartz immediately responded:

“Thank you.

I did not sign the recall petition and I do not favor recalls. It’s real simple – this is why we have elections. Also, I didn’t agree with the State senators leaving the state. This is a

bad precedent.

With this being said I do not agree with everything the Governor has done specifically – hiring unqualified people over and over for key government jobs and exempting police and fire from Act 10. This is simply wrong in my view.

If you need more information let me know.




Don Schwartz” 

As a matter of fact, I did want more information, so I replied:

“If there is a recall and it appears there will be, will you vote for Governor Walker or his opponent?”

Schwartz has yet to get back to me with a response to that rather simple question.

I’m disappointed, but not surprised. Schwartz has not mentioned his feelings about Scott Walker and his budget reforms and policies in his campaign materials. The voters in the district need to know his stance. He should be open and honest and not hide anything.

I’ve said it a million times that a common ploy of a lefty running for office is to move to the right during the campaign. Once in office, his/her true liberal colors emerge.

Given this new information about Schwartz, I cannot in good conscience support him (I do not live in the 9th District). Voters who want true conservatives representing them should also think twice about voting for Schwartz.

I’m sure he’s out knocking on doors. Maybe he’ll answer some tough questions if you ask should he come to your house.

That leaves us with Franklin alderman Steve Taylor and Oak Creek alderman Ken Gehl. Taylor is a horrible choice. And I know very little about Gehl so I can’t endorse him. Maybe that’ll come after I do some more homework.

As for Schwartz, sorry, I will not be fooled.

I invite his response in the comment section but it needs to be direct and specific.

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