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Donald Petre-itis spreads in Franklin

We’ve documented on This Just In that union member and union-backed Franklin 
School Board candidate Donald Petre initially put up yard signs, none of which contained the required legal disclaimer. That would be the simple language informing who paid for the sign.

Rules? What rules? I don’t have to follow da rules. I’m in da union.

Only after he was exposed did Petre begin to post the disclaimers, and then on only some of the signs not all. Petre commented on the blogs that it was not true that the disclaimers were missing, that they were posted on his signs. But that was done only after he was caught in violation.

The disclaimers Petre does have up are so miniscule Mr. Magoo couldn’t find them if you gave him a month to do so.

Gee, the guy who’s incapable of following a basic campaign law and then lies about it would make a great representative of Franklin, wouldn’t he?

Turns out Petre isn’t the only Franklin candidate suffering from this affliction.

On Wednesday I came home to find a poorly produced homemade flyer in my mailbox from Franklin School Board member Judith Bialk. The bizarre content is laughable, but we may touch on that in a future segment.

Bialk’s flyer that I understand has been distributed for a couple of weeks now, a la the unionista Petre's signs is missing the appropriate disclaimer. Bialk is an incumbent. This is the second election cycle she’s been a participant. The woman, if she had a clue, or if she really cared, should know better. That goes for her fellow school board members who typically coach her and hold her hand. How did they blow something so simple?

On the surface and taken by themselves, the missing disclaimers are not a tempest in a teapot. However, they demonstrate a lack of caring and attention to detail, not to mention a defiant ignorance of basic law. Makes you wonder what other shenanigans Petre and Bialk could pull, especially with an all but certain building referendum coming down the road.

If these two can’t do something that's so innocuous right, they have no business on our school board.

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