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Monday January 23, 2012
An American Tragedy - 39 Years of Legal Abortion
Contact Your State Senator Immediately!
Netherlands Debating "Tired of Life" as Reason for Euthanasia
Fifth Circuit Upholds Required Ultrasound Display Before Abortion
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An American Tragedy

Every January 22, we stop to ponder the enormous shadow cast on our nation by the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision.  With sheer emotion, we feel depression, anger, a sense of loss, grief, and, most overwhelmingly, a sadness that knows no limit.  How could our great country built on liberty, equality, opportunity and hope jettison over 53 million people to a deplorable and violent death with the blessing of the law?

Abortion is a disgrace — a blot on our proud heritage; a cultural nightmare which gives birth rights to some and not others; a societal shift resulting in fewer young people to carry us into the future; and the loss of all of the gifts and talents of 53 million American brothers and sisters. Everyone knows someone who has had an abortion.  We have felt the grief of a mother who recognizes long after the act what a terrible decision she made.  Of a father who had no say in the abortion.   Of grandparents who are inconsolable in their mourning.  We envision empty chairs at gatherings and holidays which should be filled with loved ones who deserved to fulfill their unique destinies.

As difficult as it is, the annual observance of January 22 is as important today as it was 39 years ago.  We can never, never forget.  We must allow those whose only earthly existence was in their mothers’ wombs to inspire and motivate us every day to save lives, and to work for the enlightened time when abortion becomes unthinkable.

Contact Your State Senator Immediately!

The Coercive and Webcam Abortion Prevention Act (SB 306) has had a public hearing in the State Senate.  We anticipate a vote by the full State Senate at any time on this important legislation.  It is vital that your state senator hear from you by phone or email in support of this important legislation.  Senate Bill 306 is authored by Sen. Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) and Rep. Michelle Litjens (R-Oshkosh) and contains two vital components. 

  • To protect a woman who is being coerced into having an abortion

  • To protect a woman from being prescribed RU 486 abortion drugs without being seen in person by the prescribing physician.  Planned Parenthood is promoting webcam RU 486 abortions throughout the United States.  It works like this - a pregnant woman goes into a Planned Parenthood clinic and talks with an abortionist via a webcam screen.  The abortionist could be located anywhere in the state or even in another state.  Without ever having seen the woman in person, the abortionist is able to prescribe the dangerous RU 486 abortion drugs.  This is particularly onerous because the Federal Drug Administration has reported that in the United States, 14 women taking RU 486 have died and over 2,200 other serious complications have occurred.  Senate Bill 306 would require that the prescribing physician be in the same room as the pregnant woman when prescribing and administering RU 486 or any drug or chemical used to induce an abortion on a woman diagnosed as pregnant. This provision of Senate Bill 306 will prevent Planned Parenthood from beginning webcam abortions in Wisconsin.

Please write or call your state senator and ask him/her to support Senate Bill 306, the Coercive and Webcam Abortion Prevention Act.  Given the short time frame, a phone call or email would reach your state senator more quickly than a letter.

To find out who your state senator is and to contact him/her, click the link below and follow the instructions.  Include your home address so your legislator will know you live in their district.




Netherlands Debating "Tired of Life" as Reason for Euthanasia

Not coincidentally, the Netherlands Parliament is debating whether to allow senior citizens to have assisted suicide if they are “tired of life,” part of the ever expanding Dutch culture of death. From the Radio Netherlands Worldwide story:

The lower house of parliament will debate a controversial bill that expands existing euthanasia legislation at the end of January. “I’m 81 years old and still reasonably healthy. However, if I start to decline I want to be able to determine whether not I have treatment. Hospitals are frequently a lot of pain and suffering for a few extra months of life, and I want to decide whether or not I have treatment. It is my life, after all.” That is an excerpt from one of the letters sent to politicians in the hope of convincing them that something has to be done for senior citizens who wish to end their lives. The letters are in support of a private initiative by the pressure group A Free Choice (Uit Vrije Wil) that has already attracted 117,000 signatures. The petition will be presented to the lower house of parliament’s security and justice commission on Tuesday.

…These two stories are the consequences of terminal nonjudgmentalism afflicting society and are simultaneous symptoms of a profound moral collapse occurring at varying speeds,  in my view, throughout much of the West.  Don’t look down.  It’s a long drop.

- -  Excerpted from Wesley Smith’s blog.

Fifth Circuit Upholds Required Ultrasound Display Before Abortion

Last week, a three-judge panel of the Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals upheld a Texas law which requires that an abortionist display an ultrasound image of a mother’s unborn child before she has an abortion.   This decision is being hailed by Wisconsin Right to Life, National Right to Life, and our colleagues at Texas Right to Life as a giant step in ensuring that a mother has full information about her unborn child before making a decision to kill her child.

The Texas law also requires that the abortionist allow the mother to hear her baby’s heartbeat and provide information about the development of the unborn child.  According to Attorney Mary Spaulding Balch of National Right to Life, ‘This breakthrough decision from the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recognizes, in the words of the Court, ‘the physicians obligations to display the sonogram images’ of the unborn child before an abortion.  In practice, an ultrasound law that does not require the ultrasound to be displayed can become almost meaningless because virtually every abortion facility will slip a waiver form into the stack of papers mothers are asked to sign.” Laws similar to the Texas law passed in North Carolina and Oklahoma are also being challenged in court.

Pro-abortion groups argued in court that requiring abortionists to display ultrasounds and heart beats violates their free speech rights by “compelling speech.”   This argument was rejected by the court which noted the plurality opinion by the Eighth Circuit in the 1992 Planned Parenthood of Southeast Pennsylvania v. Casey decision which concluded that “the giving of truthful, nonmisleading information ‘which is relevant…to the decision’ did not impose an undue burden on the woman’s right to an abortion.’”

The pro-abortion spin is that ultrasound laws are “cruel.”   Why is it “cruel” to give women complete information about the child she is about to destroy? But then, pro-abortion groups always object to any requirements or restrictions on abortion and have never met an abortion they would stop.

Online Registration Now Available for Laura Ingraham!

Important Right-to-Life Links

Nightingale Alliance
Wisconsin Right to Life founded the Nightingale Alliance in 2002 and operates its website in partnership with Christian Life Resources. This is the site for important, up-to-date information on assisted suicide and euthanasia worldwide.

Do No Harm
Look to Do No Harm for resources and information on adult and embryonic stem cell research and human cloning.

Wisconsin Teens for Life
Learn about student leadership camps, the annual Wisconsin Teens for Life Convention and how you can start your own group. Teens are saving lives all across Wisconsin!

Wisconsin College Students
for Life

Helping Wisconsin college students speak out in defense of life through..

On-Campus Action
Informational Materials
Right-to-Life Speakers
Legislative Awareness
Assisting Pregnant Women

TeenBreaks is an outstanding website FOR teens and BY teens - real stories about real issues of all kinds. It's a place to go if you've got problems or just want to know how others feel about things. TeenBreaks includes extensive abortion information, real-life stories and help if you are pregnant. You’ll find numerous personal testimonies from teens – those who have gone through an abortion and those who have not.

Wisconsin Right to Life
Find videos, podcasts, resources and information compiled by Wisconsin's premier right-to-life organization. Our interactive online community has been drawing praise from around the nation. Log in at (registration is free) and you’ll have access to our full website where you’ll find information about all the life issues that are important to you.

National Right to Life Committee
National Right to Life’s website provides resources and information on federal right-to-life issues and legislation, compiled by the most esteemed national pro-life organization.

To receive a daily roundup of right-to-life news from across the nation and around the world, subscribe at the website.

About Wisconsin Right to Life

Wisconsin Right to Life is the state's premier pro-life organization and represents over one-half million households in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Right to Life believes that each human life is inherently valuable from fertilization until natural death. The mission of Wisconsin Right to Life is "To make euthanasia, assisted suicide, infanticide, abortion and the destruction of human embryos socially, ethically and legally unacceptable solutions to human problems and to promote positive alternatives to each of these acts."

We invite you to visit our website or you may donate securely online.


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