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Week-ends (01/21/12)


A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of This Just In...


Laura Kaeppeler

Sandor Feher

Gregorio de Falco

19-year old James Thomas


Mariah Carey

11-year old Kaitlin Ord

Deidra Porter

Local bus driver

Calysta Cordova

Even though we lost to the NY Giants, Vince Lombardi


President Obama

VP Biden

NY Democrats

School officials in Utah


“What's broken in America is not our people. It's our politics, and what we need in Washington is a government that's humbler.

Rick Perry, announcing that he is ending his bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

“In front of a crowd of roughly 300 Disney employees and invited guests, Obama discussed his plans to make the U.S. the ‘top tourist destination in the world.’ The only problem is ... did he have to shut down Main Street in Disney World to make that point? The irony is almost too thick to stand.”
Blogger Lindsay Mannering

“You want to win this election? Then we’ve got to go to the states where you win the election, and it’s Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, North Carolina, Missouri, Wisconsin. How do you win elections as a Republican in these states? You do it by getting Reagan Democrats to vote for you. I respect Mitt Romney’s career in business, but as the grandson of a coal miner, who grew up in public housing in a steel town in Western Pennsylvania…and whose record is a track record of working in those blue-collar communities, [I have] a much better chance of winning those states than an executive from Bain Capital.”
Rick Santorum

“Democrats who think that almost any person nominated to run against Scott Walker can win, are dead wrong. This is a steep uphill fight. If we do win, it will be by a razor thin margin."
Former WI Congressman David Obey

“The response is the same: if we're in a relationship, you have to give me anything.”
Rosalind Wiseman , author of Queen Bees and Wannabes, saying that young people feel the same pressure to exchange online passwords with close friends and significant others as they do to have sex.

“It could use a little repair work, and I wanted people to get to see it as soon as possible.
David Rubenstin,
billionaire investor, after donating $7.5 million matching gift that's needed to start repairing cracks near the top of the Washington Monument from last summer's East Coast earthquake.

“I suspect that most people in the country would think ... that this probably would not be the top of their list of priorities.
Nick Clegg, UK
 Deputy prime minister, dismissing a Conservative cabinet minister's call for Britain to buy the queen a new multimillion-pound royal yacht to celebrate her diamond jubilee this summer

“This event creates a dilemma for all involved. The thinking goes along these lines: Here, Ryan, accept this award that you might have won through cheating. But since we did not know that you might have been cheating when we voted – news of Braun’s positive test broke in December – we’re not going to strip this possibly tainted MVP from you. But we’ll give it to you begrudgingly. Applause all around!”
Jason Gregory of TIME Magazine about Brewer Ryan Braun accepting the NL MVP award at a dinner Saturday night.


Obama and the pipeline, and...

Teenagers sharing passwords as a sign of affection.


Yes, what if Scott Walker wins?


Newt Gingrich's disgruntled ex-wife.

Obama croons, MSM swoons.


Man shoots nail into brain. There's more.

TV station covers trial with puppets.

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