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I'm Proud To Be Considered Plus-Sized

I’d bet the farm that every woman reading this blog thinks she should lose 10 pounds.  Even my niece Kari, who I’d say is as close to perfect as a young woman can get, thinks she needs to shed a few.  This time of year many people are still in their “resolution mode;” working out more and making healthier eating choices.  (Ironic that the Girl Scouts are selling their cookies now, isn’t it?)


Well, how’s THIS for a resolution:  Stay exactly the way you are!


I’m not advocating unhealthy eating OR a sedentary routine.  Fruits & veggies and movement are obviously very good things.  However if you are looking at those Victoria’s Secret catalogs and longing for a day you will look like those models, I have news for you:  You never will.  (Not only are the models unrealistic in “real life” they are also PhotoShop’d to death.)


Do you want to go for days without eating or be hopped up on amphetamines so that you can squeeze your skeletal body into a size negative zero?  Or would you prefer to continue to enjoy your favorite foods, work out for 30 minutes a day and be happy that you are a PLUS SIZE at a size 6 pair of jeans?  Yes, you read correctly.  Size 6 or over is PLUS SIZE by fashion industry standards.  (Yep, I qualify and then some at my own size 10.)


Is it any wonder our young girls are struggling with eating disorders at an alarming rate?  “Twenty years ago the average fashion model weighed 8 percent less than the average woman. Today she weighs 23 percent less” as well as “most runway models meet the Body Mass Index physical criteria for Anorexia.”


The article on is an interesting and alarming summary of what PLUS Model Magazine discovered.  Read that first.  Then, click on the link in the middle of the article to see PLUS’s full editorial.  The photos are actually sickening when you see the comparison of bodies.


While I wish them luck and appreciate all they have done, it seems like the good folks at Dove have a lot more work ahead of them.  Of course it’s not just up to a soap company.  It is up to us as women; particularly as mothers, sisters, and best friends to love our bodies and the bodies of other women in our lives JUST THE WAY THEY ARE, CURVES AND ALL.


When you go out to eat this weekend, for God’s sake, have that lousy piece of bread, will ya?

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