Medical Assistance Program Audit Released

Published on: 12/21/2011

The Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) released an audit about the Medical Assistance Program managed by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. 

During January 2011 1.2 million people in Wisconsin were receiving Medical Assistance and 41.6 percent of the recipients were children.  The audit reveals Medical Assistance expenditures increased from $5.0 billion during Fiscal Year (FY) 2006-07 to $7.5 billion during FY 2010-11, due to growth in the number of recipients. Since 2006-07 FY 8,975 investigations of Medical Assistance fraud were investigated by Wisconsin's counties and tribes. 

The LAB makes several audit recommendations for saving money, improved fraud investigation, and accountability for the Medical Assistance Program.

A summary of the report is at this link

The full report is available here:

Thank you to the Legislative Audit Bureau for another excellent audit.