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Culinary no-no #256

Culinary no-no's



Dontcha just love the Muppets.

Each and every one of those adorable characters.

Even these guys...



“Ethel! You get yourself in here right now, you hear me!”

”My word, Herman, what is it?””

”That scoundrel Fischer is up to no good  again!”

“Oh, no, Herman. Are you at the computer again?”


“You were told by Doctor Fletcher not to read that blog so much. It makes you ill.”

“Whatever. Just stifle and get me an Alka-Seltzer, a tall one while you’re at it and make it fast. You know what that yahoo is gonna do? He’s gonna rip the Muppets.”

Oh I don’t think he’d do that. Isn’t he the one with the real cute baby girl? He’d never dream of picking on a puppet.”

But in the past few days, I have to wonder about the Muppet they call Lily.

“There, you see. You see. I told ya. He’s gonna unload on a poor defenseless Muppet.”

“Oh my!"

Here's Lily, the newest Muppet ...


Lily who debuted in October comes from a family we're told that grapples with hunger issues. In fact, Lily is described as "food insecure."

So it should come as no surprise that a character from a mega-popular program featured on taxpayer-supported PBS would be shippd out as an ambassador for government programs.

As in we’re Uncle Sam. Having a rough go? Not to worry. We’ve got you covered. For free. Free.

At the National Press Club last week, that just happens to broadcast its luncheons on PBS and NPR, Lily was trotted out to actually push for government assistance.  This comes at a time in America’s history when more people than ever before are receiving some sort of federal aid. According to data compiled by USA TODAY, a
record 18.3% of the nation's total personal income during 2010 was a payment from the government for Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, unemployment benefits and other programs. At the same time, the haves are contributing mightily to the have-nots. About half of tax filers in the U.S. won't pay federal income taxes this year.

In short, entitlement funding is bankrupting America.

Back to Lily. Remember, millions of kids watch Lily. At the National Press Club, Lily expounded on her worries she and her family won’t have enough to eat. It’s a textbook liberal ploy: bring out the crying towels and sob stories. Lily was the poster child for feeding at the trough:

“Sometimes we can't always afford to buy all the food that we need,” Lily said. “I mean, but we've been finding lots of ways that we can get help...Yeah, for example, at school I get a free breakfast and a lunch...part of the meal plan."

Note the word “free.”

One  million kits promoting Lily’s message have been produced to be distributed to schools, hospitals and food assistance programs as part of Sesame Street’s “Food for Thought” campaign. The effort includes DVDs and a booklet listing “services that can assist your family” as well as “referrals to social service agencies.”

Doesn’t sound all that free to me.

Here’s a hoot. The supporters think you and I who pay the bills are really dumb. The Rev. Douglas Greenaway of the National WIC (Women, Infants and Children) Association is all aglow about the campaign to the point he thinks it will reduce the federal deficit.

“What ‘Food For Thought’ does is remind people that eating healthy now gives them a good health outcome in the long term. So the folks you’re looking at up here, the programs that they represent, what ‘Food For Thought’ does is really a deficit reduction strategy, and we hope policymakers will take notice of that,” Greenaway said.

No specifics on how the deficit would be reduced. Interesting. There isn’t a federal spending program on record that has saved the federal government anything.

So many things that are wrong, so many things to say. I defer to comments made on an Internet news site:

This country is the most generous nation in the world. Nobody is against taking care of those who truly need it but those who have the ability to do something for their own welfare need to get off the welfare and do it. It should be a hand up not a perpetual hand out. They should be teaching kids more about self reliance and not about relying on others for their daily bread. If this country collapses what are those who rely on freebies going to do then? They will be coming after everything that other people have and it will be a very tragic ending for many many people.

Must be nice to have never had to struggle.  Some people need help.  Deal with it.

I struggle every day idiot. I WORK to take care of myself and my family. I don't mind helping those who Truly need it but not for an indiffinet period of time. Welfare wasn't meant to be something to live on.

Is there a muppet that teaches them to then go out to the streets and harrass the people who are paying for the "free" food?

Wouldn't mind this if Lily had said: "thanks to the hardworking taxpayers of this incredible country, I get a healthy meal at school!"  But of course, this wouldn't happen at PBS.

No one is saying they are turning their backs on hungry kids.  That statement is a familiar attack on those who are just asking for a little accountability and gratitude for the spending of our hard-earned tax dollars.  We object to the attitude and entitlement mentality with which these types of programs are promoted (see the comment of dadoftoo above).  If the promoters and recipients would just acknowledge that it is we, the real 99 percenters, who bust our butts every day to pay for these programs, we'd be more willing to have our tax money spent on them.

In other words, a simple "thank you" would suffice.  Didn't your mother ever teach you to say that??

Is there a muppet that teaches them that a household where there are two parents, a man and a woman, who are married, sober, repsonsible, caring and involved in their childrens' lives is a sure way to make sure you have enough food so you don't have to be a perpetual beggar?

And this last comment deserves further consideration.

Why is this information available on a DVD? If you can't feed your family, why do you have a DVD player? Goes to show even the poorest of our citizens are quite wealthy compared to most other countries poor.

The liberal reaction to that and other comments posted would be that the authors are cold, callous, mean. Cold, hard facts would suggest otherwise. Just how poor are the poor?

According to the US Department of Energy, check out what over half of US households defined as “poor” possess:



Amenities of All Poor Households 


Even in the worst of times, it's the best.

So, yes, I'm blasting a Muppet. In the mid-90's when I broadcast a daily commentary on WTMJ Radio, I pounded on...


And the amount of federal money spent.

How many crimes has McGruff the crime dog prevented?

I make no apologies.

Sorry, Lily. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

“What’d I tell ya, Ethel! What a jerk!”

”Shut up, Herman.”


The worst cereals...worse than a Twinkie.

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