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Kevin Fischer is a veteran broadcaster, the recipient of over 150 major journalism awards from the Milwaukee Press Club, the Wisconsin Associated Press, the Northwest Broadcast News Association, the Wisconsin Bar Association, and others. He has been seen and heard on Milwaukee TV and radio stations for over three decades. A longtime aide to state Senate Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature, Kevin can be seen offering his views on the news on the public affairs program, "InterCHANGE," on Milwaukee Public Television Channel 10, and heard filling in on Newstalk 1130 WISN. He lives with his wife, Jennifer, and their lovely young daughter, Kyla Audrey, in Franklin.

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Big time abortion could be coming to your town

What an Evening! Wisconsin Right to Life's Veritas Society had a Great Night in Green Bay
Why a Personhood Amendment is Wrong for Wisconsin
Victory for Taxpayers In the State Senate
Progress and Profits from Ethical Stem Cells
European-Style Euthanasia
What an Evening! 
Wisconsin Right to Life's Veritas Society had a Great Night in Green Bay




What a wonderful event we had last night in Green Bay! Wisconsin Right to Life's Veritas Society (which sponsors our state-wide pro-life media campaign) played host to hundreds of guests who heard Pam Tebow bring a stirring, inspiring message on the sanctity of human life.



Among our other special attendees last night were long-time supporters, Veritas Society Trustees Ryan and Jennifer Pickett. You may know Ryan Pickett as #79, part of the Packers' amazing defense.




The Picketts invited other members of the Packer family to attend our Green Bay event. On the lower left, Barbara Lyons is pictured with Donald and Betina Driver.

What a night!

Why a Personhood Amendment is Wrong for Wisconsin

Should Wisconsin amend its Constitution to grant personhood to unborn children?   Wouldn’t a personhood constitutional amendment provide permanent protection for Wisconsin unborn children from abortion? 

We are all weary of the long struggle to end abortion and want a solution to protect unborn children from being destroyed.     However, there are very important reasons why this strategy is risky and not necessary for Wisconsin:

A Personhood Amendment Would Cancel out our Current Abortion Ban
Wisconsin is fortunate to be one of only a handful of states which already has a law that prohibits abortion (s. 940.04 of the Wisconsin statutes).  Right now, this law cannot be used because of the Roe v. Wade abortion decision which legalized abortion.  Once Roe v. Wade is overturned, this law would immediately go into effect and protect unborn children by shutting down abortion clinics.  A constitutional amendment would be harmful because it would make this law that prohibits abortion invalid. 

A Personhood Amendment Would Not Protect Unborn Children
Without passing an entirely new law that prohibits abortion, a constitutional amendment in and of itself would not stop a single abortion.  Some people mistakenly believe that existing laws on homicide and manslaughter would cover abortion following passage of a personhood amendment.  However, these laws were not written with the unique medical situations which apply to abortion.  For over 100 years, Wisconsin law has made a distinction between abortion and homicide which will not be changed by a personhood constitutional amendment. 

A personhood amendment would knock out the law we already have and force Wisconsin to pass a new one.  Would there be a pro-life legislature in place to pass such a law?  A pro-life Governor to sign it?   There is no way to know. 

Cost of Enacting a Personhood Amendment would be Millions of Dollars
For the constitution to be amended, a proposal must pass in two consecutive sessions of the Wisconsin legislature and then be placed on the ballot for approval by the public.  Wisconsin Right to Life estimates it would cost $4 million or more to win a ballot measure. 

Attorneys’ Fees Would be Awarded to Planned Parenthood
Should the amendment succeed, expert national and state legal authorities who advise Wisconsin Right to Life believe it would be challenged in court and struck down.  Organizations like Planned Parenthood who challenge the amendment would be awarded thousands of taxpayer dollars in legal fees.

Sometimes an idea is too good to be true.   Wisconsin Right to Life believes this is one of those times.   Giving false hope to mothers and babies is not in their best interests.  Supporting a costly effort which is risky and unnecessary has the very real potential of causing more harm than good. 

In summary, Wisconsin is already in the best position possible to protect unborn children by keeping the lifesaving law we already have in place. Wisconsin Right to Life therefore opposes the passage of a constitutional amendment in Wisconsin and urges individuals, churches and groups not to support a personhood amendment to the Wisconsin Constitution.

For more information visit:

Please contact your State Senator and your Assembly Representative and urge them to oppose LRB 2859/1, proposed legislation that would amend our State Constitution because it is not necessary and could be detrimental to the right-to-life cause.  To find out who  your State Senator and your Assembly Representative are and how to contact them, click here


Victory for Taxpayers In the State Senate

On Thursday, October 20, the State Senate took a major step forward in protecting Wisconsin taxpayers from having to pay for abortion coverage under the health insurance exchanges required under Obamacare.Wisconsin Right to Life applauds Senator Rich Zipperer and Rep. Robin Vos for sponsoring SB 92 and the Senators who voted in favor of it.

SB 92, the Obamacare Opt-Out bill, passed in the State Senate by a 17-16 vote. 

The federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also known as Obamacare, was signed into law on March 23, 2010.  One of the provisions of the law requires the States to operate and maintain “health insurance exchanges.”  Insurance plans must meet the federally-prescribed compliance requirements in order to participate in the exchanges.  These requirements include offering the essential health benefits package established by the federal Department of Health and Human Services.   Participating plans are eligible to receive federal subsidies for those who qualify for insurance under the exchanges.

PPACA specifically allows States to affirmatively prohibit coverage of abortions under the qualified health plans offered through the exchanges.  The President’s Executive Order signed March 24, 2010 does not alter the opt-out provision. The states of Arizona, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana and Nebraska have already enacted abortion opt-out provisions.

With Thursday's State Senate action., Wisconsin is on the way to continuing its decades-long public policy history to prohibit public funding of abortion.

The bill now goes to the State Assembly for action.  Please contact your Assembly Representative and ask him/her to support SB 92.  Don't know who your Assembly Representative  is or how to contact him or her?  Click here to find out:

Progress and Profits from Ethical Stem Cells

He is both a goat and a hero.  James Thomson, a University of Wisconsin researcher, isolated the first embryonic stem cell, igniting the stem cell revolution and contentious debate about whether embryos should be destroyed for research purposes.   Thomson also co-discovered induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells), an ethical means of reprogramming ordinary skin cells to have the same attributes as embryonic stem cells with no destruction of human life.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports that Thomson is this years Gold winner in the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards contest.  The award is for his work with ethical iPS cells. Thomson’s company, Cellular Dynamics (CDI) is making literally billions of heart cells using iPS research.   “Our hope is it’ll make the drug-discovery process faster and cheaper and lot safer for people,” says Thomson.

The WSJ article states:  “CDI says not only is it able to manufacture more than one billion heart cells a day, it also is capable of making cells from any particular individual, which would be critical if stem cells were being placed in a patient for therapeutic purposes.  The ability to generate heart cells from a patient’s own skin or blood cells, for instance, would eliminate the potential that the immune system would see the cells as foreign invaders and reject them.”  And, therein, lies the beauty if iPS cells — patient-specific cells which the body will not reject.  Embryonic stem cells, since they come from a different member of the human family, would be rejected.

Progress and profits from ethical stem cells provide great hope for the future and a win-win outcome.    No one is destroyed in the research process, and the patient benefits from ethical research using his/her own cells.  Is Thomson a goat or hero?   You decide.

Read the Wall Street Journal article here:

European-Style Euthanasia

Euthanasia and doctor-prescribed death started in the Netherlands and have spread to Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg.   Great Britain, Scotland and Spain are under siege to legalize.   A National Review article written by Diederik Boomsma of  Amsterdam and Jonathan Price of Great Britain gives a chilling account of how the act of killing, and the philosophy behind it, are spreading in Europe.

Earlier this year, a Belgian couple was euthanized — the husband because of terminal illness, the wife because she didn’t want to live without him.  The wife obviously did not meet “criteria” under which euthanasia can be performed so doctors decided that her age and ailments constituted “unbearable suffering.”  Mental suffering, declining age and being “tired of life” are emerging “reasons” to justify death.    “A 2008 study of the Swiss death clinics Exit and Dignitas claimed that many of those who committed suicide there suffered from weariness of life rather than a terminal medical condition,” state Boomsma and Price.

There is pressure to legalize across Europe including Spain, Scotland and England.  In Spain and Britain, the movement has been fueled by award-winning films and documentaries where euthanasia is justified and actual deaths aired on television.  In Great Britain, prosecutors recently revealed that, under new guidelines, fewer prosecutions of those who assist with death have taken place if the motive “was compassion and not a desire for personal gain.”

“From first being recognized as a regrettable practice that should be allowed only in the most exceptional cases and under strict regulations, euthanasia is increasingly being presented as a full-blown human right,” according to Boomsma and Price.

There is a small ray of hope.  Some Dutch doctors now have regrets about how far the death philosophy has gone.  “Many Dutch doctors are also changing their approach,” say Boomsma and Price.  “Instead of informing patients about euthanasia, they first tell them about other forms of care.  Doctors have found that many very ill patients will agree to whatever they suggest — whether death or treatment.”  Except for those patients who demand euthanasia as a right.  “We never wanted it that way.   It’s as if we doctors are being pushed to cross borders.”

Not all in the Netherlands have the same regrets as these doctors.  A group of prominent individuals are pushing for legal euthanasia for anyone over the age of 70.  They want the right to die to be included in the Dutch Constitution.

And so goes the struggle all over Europe.  In the United States, that same struggle will be in full throttle in Vermont and Massachusetts in 2012 where ominous efforts to legalize doctor prescribed death will be undertaken by legislative action and ballot measure, respectively.  Will the USA slide with Europe down the slippery slope?  Next year will be a critical one in answering that question.



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