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Obama backs radical Occupy Wall Street mob



Even President Obama has jumped on the Occupy Wall Street bandwagon, calling it an example of the average Americans' “broad-based frustration.”

Iit seems President Obama has traded in “Hope and Change” for cynical slash-and-burn tactics —and is now working hard to frame this extremist Occupy Wall Street mob as “widespread middle-class support” for his failed leftist economic agenda.

But here’s what a recent poll told us about Occupy Wall Street:

·                     98% advocate “civil disobedience” to get their way—with 31% saying even widespread violence is fine by them.

·                     65% believe government has a “moral responsibility” to foot the bill for health care, college education, and just about every other entitlement you can think of.

·                     77% favor crippling tax hikes that will crush job-growth—solely in the name of so-called “fairness.”

The radical Left is sending out their goons to silence the debate, and force our government to keep up the tried-and-failed liberal fringe policy agenda.

That’s why AFP is circulating the Cut Spending Now petition— to make sure Congress sees through the Left’s political distractions, and works to make real, meaningful spending reforms our country needs to survive, please click here to sign our petition.

Or click here to donate a much-needed $25, $50, $100 or more to help us grow Cut Spending Now and reach as many Americans as we can.

This petition is just one piece of our nationwide, nineteen-state Cut Spending Now grassroots effort—designed to put more grassroots pressure on Congress and their “super committee” than ever before.

Because in just one month, Congress’s super committee will have to find $1.2 trillion to cut from our deficit—and without a strong show of grassroots support today, they could very well take the easy way out by raising taxes to cover the entire amount, in the middle of a recession.

Cut Spending Now has already mobilized activists nationwide, by using AFP’s tried-and-true vertically integrated grassroots strategy.

You know no one gets results like AFP does—and that’s why we’re mobilizing tens of thousands of activists and putting more grassroots pressure on Congress and their super committee right now than any other group out there.

Whether or not you've made it out to a Cut Spending Now event, I hope we can still count on you to make a much-needed donation of $25, $50, $100 or more to let us spread the word and make Cut Spending Now an even bigger success by clicking here.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Americans for Prosperity—and thank you for tirelessly fighting alongside us as we bring spending sanity back to Washington.

JP DeGance, AFP


P.S. With the Left gearing up for a fight, we’re counting on you to help AFP’s nineteen-state Cut Spending Now project urge Washington to end their reckless spending habits. Please click here to donate a much-needed $25, $50, $100.


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