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Big Time Abortion May Be Coming to Your Town

Monday October 10, 2011
Bravo Wisconsin! Abortion Numbers Reduced in 2010
U.S. House to vote on Protect Life Act this week
Bringing Education of Young People Back Under Local Control
Help Wisconsin "Opt-Out" of Obamacare's Abortion Subsidies
Wisconsin Right to Life's College Students for Life Hold Successful Training Weekend
Bravo Wisconsin! Abortion Numbers Reduced in 2010


The numbers released on Friday, October 7 by the Department of Health Services show an 8.4% reduction in Wisconsin abortions in 2010 compared to 2009,” stated Barbara Lyons, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life. “We are elated to see a continuation
of reduced abortions in our state with the bottom line being the lives of babies saved and number of mothers protected from a lifetime of
emotional pain.”

Get the full story here:



U.S. House to vote on Protect Life Act this week

The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to take up the Protect Life Act (H.R. 358) on or about Thursday, October 13, 2011.

This bill would correct the numerous abortion-expanding provisions of the federal health care law ("ObamaCare") enacted in early 2010. The bill, sponsored by Congressman Joe Pitts (R-Pa.), is similar to the "Stupak-Pitts Amendment" which initially passed the House in 2009, but which was kept out of the final health care law due to opposition from pro-abortion Democratic senators and President Obama.

To read the October 6 letter sent by the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) to House members in support of the bill, click here:

To read detailed testimony by NRLC Legislative Director Douglas Johnson, presented to a House subcommittee in February 2011, about why H.R. 358 is needed, click here:

Please immediately contact your U.S. House member and urge him/her to support H.R. 358 and to oppose amendments that would weaken the bill.  To find out who your House member is and how to contact him/her, click here:

Bringing Education of Young People Back Under Local Control

In the last session of the state legislature, a bill called the “Healthy Youth Act” was passed and signed into law.  We don’t know what is
“healthy” about it.  This law prohibits local communities from offering abstinence-only sex education in public schools.  What is “unhealthy” about teaching students about abstinence so they don’t become pregnant or contract sexually-transmitted diseases?

Senator Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) and Rep. Joel Kleefisch (R-Oconomowoc) are circulating legislation to remedy this situation by repealing the “Healthy Youth Act” and replacing it with the “Strong Communities…Healthy Kids Act.”  Lazich and Kleefisch are asking their colleagues to co-sponsor this important bill.   Not only would the new bill return local control to school districts and parents, it would prohibit groups like Planned Parenthood from teaching sex ed in the schools.   As the nation’s largest abortion provider, why should Planned Parenthood have access to children in our schools who may become clients for its profitable abortion business?

Wisconsin Right to Life urges you to contact your State Senator and Assembly Representative and  ask him/her to co-sponsor the Strong Communities…Healthy Kids Act. Contact your elected officials here:

Help Wisconsin "Opt-Out" of Obamacare's Abortion Subsidies

A top legislative priority of Wisconsin Right to Life is to have Wisconsin "opt-out" of certain abortion subsidies related to Obamacare. 

There are a number of provisions in Obamacare that would result in the funding and subsidizing of abortion that cannot be altered at this time.  However, there is one area in Obamacare where states can move to protect taxpayers from subsidizing abortion. 

Under Obamacare, states are required to operate and maintain "health insurance exchanges" where people would go to choose their health insurance package. The plans included in the exchanges would receive federal subsidies (your tax dollars) for those individuals who qualify for insurance under the exchanges.  Only in this one area of Obamacare are states are permitted to prohibit coverage of abortions under the health plans offered through the exchanges.  Unless Wisconsin specifically "opts-out" of abortion coverage, abortion will be covered and subsidized by you, the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

We are so grateful that Senator Rich Zipperer (R-Pewaukee) and Assembly Representative Robin Vos (R-Racine) have authored legislation to make sure Wisconsin taxpayers are not subsidizing abortion in the health care exchanges.

The Zipperer/Vos legislation,Senate Bill 92, would opt Wisconsin out of abortion coverage under the health insurance exchanges and is now pending in the State Senate.  Please contact your State Senator and urge him/her to support Senate Bill 92.  If you do not know who your State Senator is or how to contact him/her, click here: and follow the instructions. 

The elected officials who represent you will appear along with their contact information.  Make sure to scroll down to get contact information just for your State Senator.  Your other elected officials will not be voting on this issue.


Wisconsin Right to Life's College Students for Life Hold Successful Training Weekend

A great group of Wisconsin Right to Life - College Students for Life gathered for a training weekend at the end of September and had a great time.  These awesome young people are dedicated to preserving and protecting the sanctity of human life and are equally devoted to gaining the information and education they need to do so. 

Director of our collegiate program, Doreen Shirek writes, "These students are amazing to work with! It is so encouraging to spend time with Our future leaders!"

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