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Culinary no-no #248

Culinary no-no's



Take a look.

What do you see?


OK. Some of you might prefer...

Others opt for white meat.

Where are the sides?

Mashed potatoes.

Gravy, of course.

Cole slaw.

A hot biscuit.

OK. Take another look.

You see it. You know it. You want it.

You’d like to peel off that crisp, fried covering and eat it as is, all by its lonesome. If so, that makes you a skin person. Sarah DiGregorio of the New York Times describes skin people as “the ones who cannot help themselves around roast or fried chicken, ripping off the crispiest bits of skin before the bird makes it to the table.”

We all know fried chicken skin, also known as gribenes, yakitori kawa, and cracklings, is one unhealthy fattening artery hardener. Even KFC catered to the health-conscious by introducing skinless poultry several years ago.

Holy baked beans, chicken skin has become trendy, finding its way on menus in creative ways at some acclaimed restaurants.

Admit it. Doesn’t this look good?

That's a chicken skin taco from Nate's Taco Truck, a food stand in Richmond, Virginia.

Check this out.

The GLT: a <i>gribenes</i> (fried chicken skin), lettuce and tomato sandwich.

Looks like a BLT.

It's not

That's a GLT, a gribenes, lettuce and tomato sandwich that can always be found on the menu at...

The Gorbals is often referred to as a Scottish-Jewish restaurant, but it's more than that. Call it global immigrant cuisine. Or perhaps post-garage-band-performance dinner spread.

The Gorbals in Los Angeles.

But here's an innovation that sounds deadly. It's served at this New York restaurant.

This is one of the plate offerings:

Roasted Foie Gras, Peppercorn Biscuit, Chicken Skin, Spiced Honey

That description hardly does it justice. The New York Times provides more salivating details:

"...deep-fried, chicken-skin-wrapped gravy, a crunchy parcel with a molten interior. The dish, served with roast foie gras and a black pepper biscuit, is one of the richest in New York and is the only item on Recette’s menu that routinely elicits loud, happy cursing."

How has this deep-fried item manage to evade state fairs?

Whatever you want to call it, the notion of chicken skin, no matter how you dress it up, would give the average nutritionist cardiac arrest. But the New York Times writes it has “powerful flavor” and “chefs are legitimizing what used to be a guilty pleasure."

Here's one Culinary no-no that's a Culinary yes-yes.


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