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UPDATE: Excess sex

For those of you who follow the world of entertainment and gossip, you might be interested to know that Rachel Uchitel is now happily married.

If you’re wondering who Rachel Uchitel is, she’s one of the, shall I say, many reasons Tiger Woods destroyed his marriage.  She exchanged vows with businessman Matt Hahn this past Sunday
in front of 12 friends at Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, the same spot where Britney Spears married Jason Alexander in 2004. That marriage was annulled just days later.

Ironic, isn't it? Uchitel, now happily married.

The night club hostess/bikini model was the subject of a rather serious blog on This Just In posted April  28, 2010.

Excess sex

By the time you start reading this blog, the Tiger Woods hype will have already erupted once again as the Cheater-in-Chief is in North Carolina to partake in his next golf outing. We all are aware, of course, of Tiger’s 16, or is it 17 extra-marital conquests. How he is still above ground, for more than one reason, still astounds me.

Inside the well-documented and oh-so familiar Tiger Woods Pigathon is a disturbing layer that when peeled away exposes an obscene subculture only a fraction belong to. The overwhelming majority of us can only imagine this world of extravagant lust. Dream about it? No. Even though I am not a prude, I say better to shake our heads in disgust.

Yes we know of Tiger’s escapades. But there’s more that reveals the depths of how far our culture has sank.

Listening to National Public Radio’s Morning Edition on a long drive to Madison last week, I heard a segment featuring Tina Brown, the editor of The Daily Beast. Brown is a regular guest suggesting recommended readings. Last week (on NPR of all places) Brown could not contain her enthusiasm for a particular article. Brown told the NPR host:

“It's a very skillful piece done by Lisa Taddeo for New York Magazine - and what's clever about it that, you know, we all read every day in the tabloids about these girls who've surrounded Tiger Woods and so on, but she really takes the lid off this kind of whole teaming club world of the, quote, ‘VIP hostess.’ And she calls them the halfway hookers, because these girls are not call girls, and it's very, very interesting.”

Interesting, indeed given that just a few minutes before Brown’s dissertation, in typical NPR fashion, I was presented a ho-hum, too long piece about the problems the Icelandic volcano ash was causing the floral industry.

The central figure in Taddeo’s article in New York magazine is Rachel Uchitel, rumored to have had a fling with Tiger Woods and the person considered to be the quintessential VIP Host.

Taddeo takes the reader directly into the sleazy atmosphere that helped spawn this coup-de-grace of tabloid accounts.

“Men like to hunt, and there is no need to hunt a prostitute. Men like to cheat without strings, and you can’t stop a civilian from falling in love. But Woods found a way to enjoy the best of both worlds in one type of woman, a Venn diagram of sexual satisfaction. Most of his mistresses lived in a nebulous in-between world. Not prostitutes, no, but just about halfway there. As surely as he has changed the game of golf, so too has Woods exposed the grazing ground of the halfway-hooker, and her natural habitat, the nightclub.

He met at least nine of the fifteen women in or around nightclubs……These are not cases of eyes locking across a crowded dance floor. That’s not the way someone like Tiger Woods goes out. Instead, special introductions are made. Girls are brought into his orbit by nightclub managers and directors of marketing and promoters and waitresses and owners. They are selected and then delivered.”

Woods’ nightclub choice in Las Vegas was the Bank.

“A host would meet him at the door and walk him to his table on the second or third floor. From his perch high above the dance floor and flanked by superstar friends like Michael Jordan, Woods could look over the balcony and say, Oh, that table of pretty girls there, bring them up. The nightclub has become a smorgasbord. All you have to do is point and ask.”

Again, Rachel Uchitel, a former host was considered the best in the trade, making $500,000 a year.

“But she really hates the accusation that she set up sex for any of her clients. She is not a pimp or a madam, she says.

At the door, a host will procure a man’s credit card and his I.D. and quote him what the minimum will be at a certain table. Table minimums are usually around $1,500 at clubs in Manhattan, but a prime spot can go for as much as $30,000.

In their BlackBerrys, VIP hosts lovingly store all of their clients’ birthdays, children’s names, sports teams, preferred vodkas. (Some of them also note which types of girls their clients like: loose brunettes, intelligent blondes, C-cups, real, and so on.) These are the things that make a good host.”

Taddeo also interviewed another former VIP Host, Lynn Freeman.

“’We’re not madams,
continues Freeman, because she’s sensitive about it. The scandal has changed what people think of the position. But they do introduce the men to women they can have. What we do is we bring a bunch of girls and guys together. If we worked at a bank and we brought a bunch of friends together for happy hour, and then two of them went home and had sex, nobody would think anything of it’.”

The “girls” must have certain qualities including, are you ready for this, being trustworthy.

“The VIP hosts know which girls are loose and will place their clients with them. They know which girls will keep quiet.

To be a girl who is trusted, you need a track record of having slept with famous men and not talked about it. It’s an unwritten résumé. Talking about anything that goes on at the clubs is called
burning the athlete or burning the celebrity.’  Privacy is prized invaluably in an age when the National Enquirer performs police-quality stakeouts and the video capabilities of cell phones have turned every banquette kiss into a YouTube trailer. It’s a wonder celebrities think they can get away with cheating, but if they do, it’s because of people like Uchitel.”

Yes, Uchitel is pretty important, so much so that she tells Taddeo she’s “valuable.”

According to a current host at a New York club, Taddeo writes:

“There is a new breed of girls coming to the clubs, he is saying, wanting to hunt the big game like Tiger. But it’s harder now than ever, because the inverse is also true. Men have been warned by what happened to Woods. They are more cautious when they meet a girl. They don’t give last names or occupations.”

Nice, huh?

There’s more, lots more including prostitution and bribery. You can read it all here, “Rachel Uchitel is Not a Madam.”

And yes, Tina Brown is right. It is interesting stuff.

This week, golf fans will drop good-sized dough to see Tiger Woods play, and they will flock to him and surround him and cheer him.

That’s American culture 2010.

I close with this, from Brown in her discussion on NPR. Brown accurately called what Lisa Taddeo of New York magazine found going on at these nightclubs for the rich and filthy a “sobering look of what excess has wrought. It's the complete lack of any kind of moral compass.”

Sad and true.


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