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Monday October 3, 2011
Help Wisconsin "Opt-Out" of Obamacare's Abortion Subsidies
House Committee to Investigate Planned Parenthood
British Man Set Free After Killing Wife in “Mercy Killing”
Father of Teen Killed by Abortion Drug Takes on RU 486
See Fox News Contributor Laura Ingraham - April 19, 2012
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Help Wisconsin "Opt-Out" of Obamacare's Abortion Subsidies

A top legislative priority of Wisconsin Right to Life is to have Wisconsin "opt-out" of certain abortion subsidies related to Obamacare.  There are a number of provisions in Obamacare that would result in the funding and subsidizing of abortion that cannot be altered at this time.  However, there is one area in Obamacare where states can move to protect taxpayers from subsidizing abortion. 

Under Obamacare, states are required to operate and maintain "health insurance exchanges" where people would go to choose their health insurance package. The plans included in the exchanges would receive federal subsidies (your tax dollars) for those individuals who qualify for insurance under the exchanges.  Only in this one area of Obamacare are states are permitted to prohibit coverage of abortions under the health plans offered through the exchanges.  Unless Wisconsin specifically "opts-out" of abortion coverage, abortion will be covered and subsidized by you, the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

We are so grateful that Senator Rich Zipperer (R-Pewaukee) and Assembly Representative Robin Vos (R-Racine) have authored legislation to make sure Wisconsin taxpayers are not subsidizing abortion in the health care exchanges.

The Zipperer/Vos legislation,Senate Bill 92, would opt Wisconsin out of abortion coverage under the health insurance exchanges and is now pending in the State Senate.  Please contact your State Senator and urge him/her to support Senate Bill 92.  If you do not know who your State Senator is or how to contact him/her,

click here and follow the instructions. 

The elected officials who represent you will appear along with their contact information.  Make sure to scroll down to get contact information just for your State Senator.  Your other elected officials will not be voting on this issue.

House Committee to Investigate Planned Parenthood

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce has sent a formal letter to Cecile Richards, President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), requesting numerous documents to commence an investigation of the organization.  “Pursuant to Rules X and XI of the United States House of Representatives, the Committee on Energy and Commerce is examining the institutional practices and policies of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) and its affiliates, and its handling of federal funding,” writes Committee Chairman Cliff Stearns (R-FL).

PPFA documents requested by the committee include internal audit reports; any reports of improper billing under federally-funded programs; policies in place to prevent overbilling; documentation ensuring that no federal dollars are used to subsidize abortion; audits of PPFA by state agencies; documentation on how many PPFA affiliates receive Title X family planning funding and also provide abortions; policies ensuring compliance with federal mandates to keep Title X funding separate from abortion-related services; summaries of how PPFA detects criminal conduct and policies to prevent or report it; policies to report all cases of suspected sexual abuse including statutory rape; and policies and procedures to ensure that sex trafficking is reported.

An investigation is just that.  PPFA is not charged with any wrongdoing.   The investigation most certainly results in part from the undercover work done by Live Action where individuals enter PPFA clinics and record what staff is saying to clients.  Some of these discussions have been eye-opening and have tarnished the “halo” of goodwill that PPFA has enjoyed for far too long.  Stay tuned for developments on this investigation.

Read the Stearns letter by clicking the link below.


British Man Set Free After Killing Wife in “Mercy Killing”

By Wesley J. Smith

It is remarkable how often judges shrug at the killing of sick and disabled people. In the UK, a man plead guilty to manslaughter of his terminally ill wife, and walked out of court a free man. From the London Evening Standard story:

Stuart Mungall, 71, smothered former actress Joan, 69, at their home in Tooting last December. The prosecution accepted his plea in July of guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility caused by depression following the strain of caring for her. Mungall smiled and was given a thumbs-up sign from supporters in the public gallery at the Old Bailey after being given a 12-month sentence suspended for two years.

Well, she probably asked for it, right?  Wrong.

Prosecutors claimed there was no evidence Mrs Mungall, who had the degenerative Pick’s disease, had wanted to die. Mark Dennis said she had told a nurse a day before her death that she was “taking it all in my stride”. He argued it was Mungall who could not cope, and that he smothered his wife with a pillow, then tried to kill himself with pills. Miranda Moore  defending, insisted Mungall had acted after he “saw it in her eyes” that his wife wanted to die. She had not shown any signs of resistance, and Mungall had responded to his wife’s pain.

Sounds to me as if he put her out of his own misery.

This case is important because its impact will extend far beyond Mr. Mungall. Throughout the UK now, we see an increasing number of people assisting their loved ones’ suicide–with nothing being done about it by the authorities even though assisted suicide is against the law.  With this case, we see the beginning of the same trajectory with outright homicide–even though the deceased didn’t ask to be killed.

And the message to people who are dying, disabled, and frail elderly is clear: Your lives don’t matter as much as the lives of healthier or able bodied people.  If you are killed, nothing substantial will be done about it in a court of law.

Culture of death, Wesley?  What culture of death?


Father of Teen Killed by Abortion Drug Takes on RU 486

The father of a teenage girl who was killed by the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug that she received from a Planned Parenthood clinic has started a new effort to inform women about the risks and dangers associated with it. has the full story here:



See Fox News Contributor Laura Ingraham - April 19, 2012

Thurs. April 19, 2012

Laura Ingraham - Special Guest Speaker

Laura Ingraham is a nationally syndicated radio host, best-selling author, a regular Fox News contributor and the principal substitute host on The O'Reilly Factor.

More information including her biography can be found here:

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