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Silencing The College Vote

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When I was in college I changed addresses every six months or so - usually when the semester ended. You need to live wherever is cheapest, especially in an urban campus environment. And when you are roomies with three other people, well, sometimes college friendships don't last forver. And I remember being really poor too - the kind of poor where I was paying for my bus tickets with change. I knew a ton of fellow students who did not own a car at UWM. They are expensive to park, insure and you really don't need one.

These are all good examples of why the GAB rule's allowing college ID's to be used for voter ID's and using a two-year sticker to prove that they are not expired is fair. College students don't have the extra time or money to track it down to the nearest DMV to get a new state-issued ID or driver's license every time they move a block away to save $200 per month on rent.

The Republicans, led by Sen. Leah Vukmir, R-Wauwatosa and Rep. Jim Ott, R-Mequon called a meeting of the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules on barely 24 hours' notice yesterday to discuss the Government Accountability Board's new policies on student IDs and downloadable recall petitions. They hope to reverse a ruling allowing stickers to be placed on college ID's to show that they are valid. Protestors showed up and taped their mouths shut to symbolize the lack of imput the people have had in this process. Republicans passed a law earlier this year giving the governor oversight of state agency rule-making committee. If the Rules Committee ordered the GAB to make changes, Walker would be able to approve them without imput from the left - or the people they affect, thus disenfranchising thousands of college students who would no longer have the proper state-issued ID.

Why the attack on students using their state-issued college ID's as a valid voting ID?  It's simple: college students tend to vote liberal (heavily). "It's blatantly obvious," said committee member Rep. Gary Hebl, D-Sun Prairie. "It's really voter suppression. This is so super-partisan."

When I was in college, I was more politically informed than my mother, step-father and grandparents combined, and the changes the Republicans want to make to the already-strict voter ID law would have made it VERY difficult for me, as a college student with a new address every 6 months to cast my ballot.

But that is the point isn't it? Drowned out the liberal voices - make it harder for typical democratic-leaning constituents to vote.

In her defense, Leah Vukmir said, "This hearing isn't about the people. This is about the Government Accountability Board." What Vukmir and Ott don't understand that a stance like that is undefendable - it is always about the people, and if you can't get that through your scowled-up, "I am better than you" face - you have no damn business being in a public servant. One of her fellow GOP committee members should have taped her mouth shut for her own good before she said this matter about college ID's is "not about the people."

Above: Leah Vukmir glares at the mouth-taped protestors at her "public hearing" and wonders silently to herself, "How can we make it a law that blacks, hispanics, fiesty old people and all college-age kids HAVE to tape their mouths shut at all times? Ah, that is just a pipe dream. Maybe we could hit them with pipes - that would shut these people up." (not a real quote, but possibly a real thought)

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