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Reverse Robinhoods

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While the median income of Wisconsin residents fell 15% over the last 10 years, Scott Walker has made sure that those on the bottom rung of the ladder as state employees are feeling the pain even more than those at the top.

The non-partisan Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau just released the facts from their study on how salaries of state employees have been effected by the "Budget Repair Bill". The results showed that the pay cut of an employee making $25,000 a year was 11.3%, nearly twice that of someone making $125,000, who would only lose 6.7% of take home pay thanks to Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) and health insurance changes put in place by Governor Walker and the GOP-controlled legislature.

“It’s completely inequitable that a middle class worker making $25,000 a year takes almost twice the effective pay cut of an employee making $125,000,” said Rep. Terese Berceau, (D-Madison) ranking Democrat on the Assembly Children and Families Committee.

I guess Scott Walker ws just following in the footsteps of fellow WI Republican carpetbagger Paul Ryan by trying to create a "class warefare". Too bad these bozos got it wrong . . . Robinhood took from the rich and gave to the poor, not vice versa.

If they are willing to come to my home, I will show a screening of the 2010 version of Ridley Scott's Robin Hood. I am also willing to bet that if Russell Crowe (played Robin Hood) heard what Scott Walker was doing to the working class people of WI he would not hesitate to teach the bastard a lesson, medievel style.

Above: Russell Crowe beckons Scott Walker to come a little closer so that he can teach him a lesson in humanity and humility.

Below is a segment from a story by, who was checking on a claim by Jeff Fitzgerald:

. . . In an interview with Fox's Sean Hannity on Feb. 22, 2011, Republican Jeff Fitzgerald, speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly, said Wisconsin legislators would be subject to the same cuts the governor is proposing for other government workers.

"You know, we are all in this together," Fitzgerald said. "Every legislator that votes for this bill as well is going to do the same for themselves. We have to give up the same amount of pay."

In short, Fitzgerald said the legislators who will vote on Walker's bill would have to give up the same amount of pay. Aside from the collective bargaining issues, Walker's plan would make state employees pay more for health and pension benefits. And according to the bill, elected officials would take the same hits. We rate Fitzgerald's claim True.

Looks like politifact got one wrong!

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